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3 squared=9

3 squared=3*3


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i dont get it
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Q: Three squared equals
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Three squared minus 2 squared equals?

It is: 9-4 = 5

When a squared plus b squared equals c squared what is the square root of the square root of the square root of a squared squared squared plus b squared squared squared?

Since a squared plus b squared equals c squared, that is the same as c equals the square root of a squared plus b squared. This can be taken into squaring and square roots to infinity and still equal c, as long as there is the same number of squaring and square roots in the problem. Since this question asks for a and b squared three times, and also three square roots of a and b both, they equal c. Basically, they cancel each other out.

In math its three squared what is it?

Three squared always used to be 32 equals nine or 32=9. I'm in pace so here is my answer: 3x3x3

What is leg squared plusleg squared equals hypotenuse squared?

In mathematics, the Pythagorean theorem is a relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle.

What is 16a plus 4b equals C squared?

It is an equation in three unknown variables.

3 mi squared equals how many acres?

Three square miles = 1,920 acres.

How many inches is 3 ft squared?

Three square feet equals 432 square inches.

Is three squared to the second power?

Three squared to the second power is 81.

What is nine squared divided by three squared?


What is the sum of three squared and four squared?


What is the solution to X squared times X to the Xth power equals negative three?

It's impossible. Powers are always either positive or complex.

X squared plus two x equals three?

That factors to (x - 1)(x + 3) x = 1, -3

Why does a squared plus b squared equal c squared?

Because the letters can represent any sum not necessarily its only on a triangle where that happens the hypotenuse squared equals the sum of the other two sides squared added together like if a was 1 and b was two c could be three so 1+4 doesn't equal 9

What is three squared?


How do you calculate the height of a right triangle given the base length and all three angles?

if you have a regular triangle u have to use the paythagorem theory A squared plus b squared equals c squared and than u have to take half the base of the triangle and the number of one of the sides and substitute into the equation and solve the b squared should be the height of ur triangle :)

What is the difference between a square of a number and the square root of a number?

The square root of a number is the inverse of the square. For example, three squared equals nine, so the square root of nine is equal to three.

What is the value of three squared?

3 squared is 3 x 3 or 9.

What is three squared equal to?

3 squared is 3 x 3 or 9.

3x to the power of 2 verbal?

3x2 can be called "three times x squared", "three x squared", or "three times x to the power of two".

What is The double of three squared?

18. ===

What is 6 squared plus three?

6 squared is 36. 36 plus 3 is 39

What is three and two thirds squared?

3 2/3 squared is 13 4/9.

What is a verbal expression for 2a squared -3?


What is the difference between 3 square meter and 3 meter squre?

Three square meters is an area of, for example, three meters long by one meter wide (3m x 1m) total equals, three square meters. Three meters squared is an area of three meters long and three meters wide (3m x 3m) total area equals, nine square meters.

What does three squared equal?

Three squared is equal to 9. To square a number, means that you multiple the number or integer by itself, such as 3 x 3.