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If the diameter is known, don't bother measuring the circumference.
Simply multiply the diameter by 'pi'.

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Q: To measure the circumferance of a circle with a known diameter?
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How do you get the radius from the circumference?

The circumferance of a circle is equal to 2 x pi x r, where r is the radius, i.e. approximately 6.2832 than its radius. Divide the circumferance from the figure above to get the radius of a circle in which the circumferance is known.

How do you find the cicumference of a circle whichout knowing its area radius or diameter?

Given is a circle. Not known is its area A. Not known is its radius r. Not known is its diameter d. You want to calculate its circumference C. Impossible. It cannot be calculated. The only other way is to measure it with a tape measure.

What do you call half of a diameter in a circle?

The half of a diameter of a circle is known as a radius.

How do you find the diameter of a circle if you only now the arc length and measure?

measure/360=arc length/circumference. C=pi*diameter, so you now have (known value)/360=(known value)/(pi*diameter). With only one unknown value, you can now find the diameter.

How do you find the diameter of a circle if you know the circumference?

Divide the known circumference by pi to find the diameter of the circle.

What is the formula to find the circumference of a circle when the diameter is known?

circumference = pi*diameter

What is a segment that contains the center of the circle and has both endpoints on the circle known as?

It is the diameter.

What is the length of a circle known as?

The length around a circle is the circumference The length across a circle is the diameter

How do you find the radius of a circle when the diameter is known?

The radius is half the diameter, so divide the diameter by 2.

What is the diameter of a circle of known circumference?

Diameter = circumference/pi where pi is 3.14159 (approx)

What is the cord that passes through the center of the circle?

the cord that passes through the center of the circle is known as the diameter, the whole circle on the out side is known as the circumference, the dot in the middle is known as the center and the radius is the line what goes half way through the circle from the diameter.

What is the diameter of a 6 inch circle?

A 6 inch circle is the measurement from one edge through the centre to the opposite edge. This line is known as the circle's diameter.

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