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As an equation: 8x = 64

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Q: Turn the verbal phrase one number is eight times another number into an equation?
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Example of mathematical phrase to verbal phrase?

what is the mathematical phrase for the verbal phrase the sum of a number and three

What is another phrase for body language?

Non Verbal Communication. Non Verbal Behaviour.

What is the verbal equation for a number decreased by four is -12?

You just wrote the verbal equation. Do you mean the algebraic equation? X - 4 = - 12 ---------------

What is a verbal phrase for one half multiplied by a number?

number divided by two or half of number

How do you change a verbal phrase to a algebraic expression?

the sum of a number and three

A simple sentence containing a verbal phrase?

Verbal phrase is a verbal with all its modifiers, but short of a subject. For example, in a sentence, "PLAYING TENNIS is a hobby among youth", 'playing tennis' is a verbal phrase.

What is verbal phrases use in elementary algebra?

verbal phrase is known as an expression.An expression can be defined as a sentence that has no number,an operation,and a letter in it. :))

What is a verbal equation?

Well, it depends on what type of equation you have...... Say its something like this: n - 3 ....and you were asked to write a verbal expression, it could be one of many: a number minus three or three subtracted from a number....and so on. They are basically just word/sentence forms of the equation itself.

Which expression represents the verbal phrase the sum of there times a number and five?

" 3x + 5 " does.

What is the difference between a verbal model and a algebraic model?

The differnce between a verbal model and a algebraic model is that a verbal model is an equation written in words and a algebraic model is solving the equation from the verbal model.

What is a verbal phrase written as an expression?

it is a phrase that contains a verb

What is an algebraic expression for the verbal phrase the quotient of a number plus 6 and 3?


What is a verbal phrase that functions in a sentence only as an adjective called?

A verbal phrase that functions in a sentence only as an adjective is a participial phrase. It is used to modify a noun or pronoun.

Definition of verbal phrase in math?

go to the google to fine verbal phrases

How would you write 3 times the sum of a number n and 7 is less than 16 as a verbal phrase?

I'm not sure it's possible to write a verbal phrase, as verbal phrases, by definition, are spoken. There's a chance you want this written down. 3(n + 7) < 16

How do you convert verbal sentences to mathematical equation?

Example:VERBAL SENTENCE:Seven more than twice a number is four less than thrice the number.MATHEMATICAL EQUATION:(seven more than) (four less than)(twice a number) is (thrice a number)2x + 7 = 3x - 4=Earljoyce8♥=Hope this helps!!

What are the forms of phrase?

1. noun phrase 2. adjectival phrase 3. adverbial phrase 4. verbal phrase

How do you write two times a number is 3 more than 9 as a verbal equation?

2x = (9+3)

Translate the verbal phrase into an expression 3 less than the square of a number p?


What is a verbal phrase that describes the expression?


Which of the following is a type of verbal phrase A.Participial phrase B.Infinitive phrase C.Gerund phrase D.All of the above?

all above

Which of the following is not a type of verbal phrase gerund participle subordinate or infinitive?

prepositional phrase

How do you translate equation into a verbal sentence?


Examples of equation of translating verbal equations?

a number times 3 subtracted by 20 is -4 a x 3 - 20= -4

What is the verb in the sentence he seems to be tired?

Seems is the verb. To be tired is a verbal phrase, a verb form functioning as another part of speech in this sentence.