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Suppose x is the larger number

Then the smaller number is x - 26

Their sum is x + (x - 26) which is 102

So 2x - 26 = 102

or 2x = 128 so that x = 64

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Q: Two numbers have a sum of 102 Their difference is 26 Find the larger number?
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The difference of two numbers is 75. The larger number is three less than four times the smaller number. Find the numbers.?

101 and 26

What are the steps in getting the product sum and difference of two terms?

To get the product, multiply the first number by the second. To get the sum, add the second number to the first. To get the difference, subtract the smaller number from the larger.

How do you add a positive and a negative number?

-- Ignore the signs. -- Find the difference between the two numbers. -- Give it the sign of the larger original number.

What is the difference between 13 and 16?

The difference between 13 and 16 is 3. To find the difference between two numbers subtract the larger number by the smaller number. (16-13=3)

The sum of two numbers is 21 Three times the larger is four times the smaller Find the larger number?

The larger number is 12.

How do you add negative numbers to positive numbers?

To add a negative number and a positive number: -- Find the difference of their absolute values (their sizes, ignoring their signs). -- Give it the same sign as whichever of the original two numbers had the larger absolute value.

The difference of two numbers is 14 and twice the smaller is 5 less than the larger number find the numbers?

The two numbers are 9 and 23. 23-9 = 14 23-(2*9) = 5

Sum of 2 numbers equals 13 difference of the number equals 1 find the numbers what is their difference?

The numbers are 7 and 6

What do you notice when you find the difference between two odd numbers?

The difference is an even number.

The sum of two numbers is 77 the larger number is 3 more than the smaller number find the numbers?

37 and 40

Find two number whose sum is 47 and difference is 29?

Subtract the difference and half your answer, giving 9 which is the smaller number, add the difference to this and you get 38 which is the larger number.

How do you find the halfway point between two numbers?

subtract the smaller number from the larger number then divide the answer by 2

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