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35 Pence each.

2010-07-17 02:41:43
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How would you share 108.00 equally among 4 people?


How many 1 dollar bills would 8 people get if they share 682 equally?


If 8 people share a 2 liter soda equally How much would each person get?

0.25 Ltr each

How can 5 people share 4 brownies?

Possibly. If shared equally they would get 4/5 of the original chocolate brownies each.

If you had 2 pieces of licorice to share equally among 3 people how much licorice would each person get?

They would each get two thirds of a piece.

How do you share shares in a new company of 5?

In order to share shares equally within a company, one would need to divide the shares equally among the initial shareholders. If there are 5 people with shares in a new company, each person should have 20% of the initial shares.

If you share 7 apples equally with 3 people how much would each person get?

Each person would receive two whole apples and one third each.

How can you connect two or more voltage source and be ensure that each of them will share load equally when they see the same load across them?

Voltage sources (batteries) connected in series would add up and share the load equally.

How many 100 dollar bills would 8 people get if they share 682 equally?

None. You would need at least 800 dollars for each of them to have even one 100 dollar bill.

What would you like to share about your culture?

There are many things that people would like to share about their culture. Most people would like to share their traditions.

Does 0.9 it mean 0.9 pence or 90 pence on the calculator?

If you are dealing with Pounds and Pence, 0.9 would indicate 90 Pence. 9 Pence would be shown as 0.09 on your calculator.

Can 5 people share 2 cans of paint?

Yes, if (a) they have additional containers or (b) are prepared to take turns. They would get 2/5 or 40% of a can each if they shared equally.

From 1 pound after spending 19 pence and 17 pence how much change do you have left?

You would have spent 36 pence, which would leave you with 64 pence change.

What is one sixteenth of a pound in currency?

It would be 100/16 pence = 6.25 pence. However, since there is no 0.25 pence, it would probably be rounded down to 0.6 pence.

What would happen if everyone was equally wealthy?

everyone would have the same amount to save, spend, and share the world wouldn't be as good though

How many pence are there in 16.05?

160516.05 would be 1605 pence.

Is the beneficiary obligated to share estate equally with other children if they are not in the will?

No. Had the person who wrote the will wanted them to benefit they would have been mentioned. However, if the intention is to share the estate, check with the executor whether such distribution would negate the bequest.

How many ten pence pieces are there in two pounds and forty pence?

There would be 24 Ten Pence coins in £2.40.

How much would sixpence be worth today in pounds and pence?

2.5 pence

What is the value of a 1997 British new pence coin?

The term "New Pence" ceased to be used on British coins in 1981. The word "Pence" should have a numeral with it to indicate how many Pence. Pence being the plural of Penny. In 1997 there would have been 50 Pence, 20 Pence, 10 Pence, 5 Pence and 2 Pence coins and a 1 Penny coin.

A chemical bond formed when two atoms share electrons is called a?

The bond is covalent. If the electrons are shared equally, the molecule would be nonpolar.

If 4 friends share 3 bags of peanuts equally What is the answer?

The answer depends on what the question is.

If you had 1 million pound in 1 pence coins how many 1 pence coins would you have?

There are 100 pence in a pound. Multiply by 100

If you had two coins totaling 11 pence?

You would have a 1 Penny and a 10 Pence coin.

I have two coins which add up to 15 pence and one of the coins is NOT a 10 pence piece What are the two coins?

one of the coins is not a 10 pence, so you would need 1 5 pence and one 10 pence.