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Q: Two times two times two times three times?
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What is two times three times two?


Two thirds times three?

two thirds cup times three is what combined?

What is negative two times three?

Negative two times three is negative six.

What are two numbers that their LCM is two times five times three times three?

9 and 10

What is three times two times three?


How many times greater than the three is the 6?

Six is two times greater than three (hint: you divide 6 by 3). ================================ Actually, six is two times three. You can also say that six is two times AS GREAT AS three. But six is one time GREATER THAN three. Nine is three times three. Nine is three times as great as three. But nine is two times greater than three.

What is seventy two times three?

72 x 3 = 216 seventy-two times by three equals two hundred and sixteen

What is the answer to three minus three times six plus two?

Three minus three times six plus two is equal to -13.

Six times two minus two times two plus one divided by three?


Five sixths times two and two thirds times three?

four two over six

How many times does two go into sixty-three?

Two goes into sixty-three thirty-one and a half times.

What is three fourths times three and how?

Three fourths times two is one and a half so if you add three fourths to that you will get two and one fourth.

How many times is a canter done on a horse?

A canter on a horse is done three times. " One, Two, Three." "One, Two, Three."

What is three times two-thirds?

two wholes

What is three fifths times four?

two and two fifths

How many times does seventy two go into three?

If you meant "How many times does three go into seventy-two?", then 72/3 = 24 Three goes into seventy-two 24 times. If you meant "How many times does seventy-two go into three?", then 3/72 = 0.41666... 72 goes into 3, 0.41666... times.

What is three times a number minus 2?

Three Times A Number x Minus Two translates to 3x-2 Three Times A Number x Minus Two translates to 3โ€ขx-2 Three Times A Number y Minus Two translates to 3y-2 Three Times A Number z Minus Two translates to 3z-2

What is two times two plus three?

There are two possible answers, depending on how you interpret the question. 2*2+3=7 or 2*(2+3)=10 The order of operations dictates how each version of "two times two plus three" is evaluated. In the first equation, you multiply two times two (equals four) then add three (to make seven). The second equation represents adding two plus three (makes five) then multiplying the "two plus three" by two (to get 10).

What is four times three times two?


Three times two?


What is two times three?


Two and three quarters times two?

5 1/2

What is three fourths times two?

If you multiply the fraction three-fourths by two you will get six-fourths. If you change that improper fraction to a mixed fraction you will get one and two-fourths. The two-fourths reduces to one-half. There fore three-fourths times two is one and a half.

Three times the quantity two less than a number x is ten?

two less than three times a number is 28

What is one and three fourths times two?

three and a half