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20 and 10.

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Q: Two whole numbers than when subtracted give you ten?
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Related questions

What is a negative minus a positive?

You get a positive subtracted number. A negative minus a positive number will always give a negative answer. And the answer will be more negative than either of the two numbers.

What numbers are the whole numbers greater than zero?

Natural numbers consist of the set of all whole numbers greater than zero.

Why is 11 prime?

because no numbers other than 1 and 11 divide into it to give a whole number.

When is zero greater than whole numbers?

When the whole numbers are negative.

What is the set of whole numbers less than 0?

the set of whole numbers less than 0

Explain why fractions need a common denominator to be added or subtracted?

The reason why is that a fraction is a different numbering system than whole numbers. The "whole number" system is based on units of 100. But a fraction is only a part of a whole number, so in order to add or subtract you must make both fractions the same type of unit just like whole numbers. You cannot add 1/6 and 2/24 unless you have the same units...which in this case is 24. So, multiplying the six by 4 will give you 4/24, and now you can add the numerators together because they are in the same "family".

Does the set of whole numbers is larger than the set of natural numbers?

If you mean larger by "the set of whole numbers strictly contains the set of natural numbers", then yes, but if you mean "the set of whole numbers has a larger cardinality (size) than the set of natural numbers", then no, they have the same size.

Are decimals bigger than whole numbers?

Decimals occupy the spaces between whole numbers; they are bigger than some, and smaller than some others.

Are whole numbers ever irrational?

No, whole numbers are never irrational. There is nothing more rational than a whole number.

What kind of numbers are whole number greater than 0?

Numbers that are positive and whole. Natural numbers.

Are all whole numbers greater than 0?

Yes, including 0. Whole numbers are the numbers that are: 0,1,2,3.. etc. :)

Are there more fractions than there are whole numbers?

There are an infinite number of both fractions and whole numbers.

How many whole numbers greater than 9 and less than 999 are multiples of 9?

109 whole numbers greater than 9 and less than 999 are multiples of 9

What are the even whole numbers greater than 21 but less than 28?

The even whole numbers greater than 21 and less than 28 are: 22, 24 and 26

What are the similarities of whole numbers from natural numbers?

There is some disagreement whether the set of natural numbers includes zero. Other than that, they are the same as whole numbers.

What 2 numbers multiplied give you 157?

157 is a prime number. It is not divisble by any whole integer other than 1 and itself.

How many whole numbers are odd numbers less than 60?

There are 30 whole numbers that are odd numbers less than 60 which are also positive. Otherwise, there are infinitely many of them.

What is the sum of all whole numbers less than 50 that have greater than 6 positive whole number factors?

220 The numbers are 48,42,40,36,30,24

Which whole numbers are greater than -10 but less than -16?


The sum of two whole numbers is always greater than either addend?

the sum of two whole numbers is always greater than either addend* * * * *No.Consider:5 is a whole number-3 is a whole number.Their sum is 2, which is notgreater than one of the addends (5).

Are there more decimal numbers than whole numbers?

Infinitely more.

A whole number is greater than 20?

There are infinitely many whole numbers which are greater than 20.

What is a number greater than 1 that has more than two whole numbers?

If by "has more than two whole numbers" you mean more than two factors, the answer is all composite integers.

What are the whole numbers less than 10?

The whole numbers less than 10 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Are all integers greater than zero are whole numbers?

Yes, by definition all positive integers are whole numbers.