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Numbers that are positive and whole.

Natural numbers.

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Q: What kind of numbers are whole number greater than 0?
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What Whole number is a subset of rational numbers?

A whole number is not a set of any kind and so cannot be a subset of rational numbers.

What kind of numbers are whole numbers greater than 1 but are not prime numbers?

Composite numbers.Example: 17- factors of 17...1 and 17- This is a prime number.Example: 18- factors of 18...1,2,3,6,9,18- This is a composite number.

How do you converte a whole number into a decimal?

You can add a period, and a zero, after the whole number. Or you can just consider the whole numbers themselves a special kind of "decimal number".

Which is greater prime or composite numbers?

There are more composite numbers than prime numbers, but there is no prime or composite number so great that you can't find a greater one of either kind.

What square numbers are even and which square numbers are odd?

The square of every positive or negative even whole number is a positive even whole number. The square of every positive or negative odd whole number is a positive odd whole number. There are an infinite number of each kind.

Is integer another word for number?

No. An integer is a kind of number - a whole number - but not all numbers are integers. For example, a half is a number but it is not an integer.

Are there more rational numbers then irrational?

No. Although the count of either kind of number is infinite, the cardinality of irrational numbers is an order of infinity greater than for the set of rational numbers.

Which kind of number is divisible by 2 - odd numbers - all counting numbers - even numbers - whole numbers?

Only even numbers are divisible by two. If you have an odd number, for example 3, and divide by two, you will get 1 with a remander of 1.

What kind of numbers are composite?

Whole numbers with more than two factors.

Is 25 the same as 13?

The number twenty-five is not the same number as thirteen because they are each one of a kind and numbers are the the same as any other numbers. They are the same as numbers but not the same in value. 25 is greater than 13 by 12.

Any counting number grater then 1 witch is not prime is what kind number?

All positive whole numbers over 1 can be classified either as prime or composite numbers. Those which are not prime are composite numbers, that is, numbers which are composed of several different factors.

Can a whole number have variable?

Yes it can, but it depends on what kind of variable and how it relates to the whole number.

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