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  • In business, when you calculate profits, etc.
  • When you buy from a store and you check your change.
  • When you see a penny by the street, put it in your wallet and start calculating how much money you have.
  • [If you're an athlete] When you have a pedometer and you want to measure how many steps you take per unit of time.
  • [If you're just curious] To check the actual density of water your cup can hold.

and many more...

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Q: Use of mathematics in everyday life?
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applications of mathematics in ECE

Can you give some use or applications of mathematics in every life?

you use math in everyday of your life !

How can you use daily pure mathematics in your daily life?

You can use mathematics in your dailey life by the simplest everyday things like taxes. You can also use mathematics if you have a job working at a store.

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

How does mathematics help us in everyday life?

We use mathematics in our everyday life such as in banking transactions, buying or selling any product, giving or taking money, creating something, measurement of demand etc.

Is mathematics is in your everyday living?

yes,because it is part of our life.,the "MATHEMATICS".

How do mathematics of investment similar to everyday life?

like in everyday life, mathematics of investments deal with such things we devote in life like our education, if we invest our time and effort on it, the profit will be a good job in the future.

What are powers in mathematics?

Mathematics are useful in everyday life. It can help you do your "math" homework, and do your math test/ exams.

Why is science and mathematics important in everyday life?

it isnt that important once you get a job

What has the author A J Raven written?

A. J. Raven has written: '... Mathematics for everyday life'

Can factoring using the quadratic formula be apply to everyday life?

If you are in the mathematics field then you might be using it everyday; otherwise... not so much

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