Volume of octagon

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well the volume of an octagon would be different for every octagon.

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Q: Volume of octagon
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How many cubic feet is in a octagon?

None. An octagon is a plane figure - that is, it is 2-dimensional. It therefore cannot have any volume.

What is the volume of an octagon based pyramid?

v=b*h divided by 3

The formula for volume of an octagon?

an octagon doesn't have a volume its has and area ecause it is a 2-d figure. to find the area of a 2-d regular figure it is 1/2 apothem * perimeter (apothem is the distance of a line from the center of a polygon, to the midpoint of a side)

How do you calculate the volume of an octagonal tank?

Example (assuming that you have an even sided octagon): - height is 18" and L & W is 6 ". it's about 2 " per side of the octagon - Area of Octagon (A) = 4.828(a*a), where a = length of each side of the octagon Volume of Octagon = Area (A) * Height (H) So: Volume = 4.828(a*a)*H or 4.828(2"*2")*18" = 347.6 cu in 1 gallon = 231 cu in So: Gallons = 347.6 cu in * 1g/231 cu in = 1.5 gallons (5.7 liters) The conversion factor for imperial gallons is 277.42 cubic inches per Imperial gallon.

How do you find surface area and volume of an octagonal prism?

If the octagon at the base is regular, the side of the octagon is s and the height of the prism is h, the area of each octagonal base (Ab) is Ab = 2(√2 +1) s2 The perimeter of the octagon is P = 8s Then the surface area of the prism is As = 2 Ab + Ph The volume of the prism is V = Ab h

What is the opposite of a octagon?

an octagon...

What is the formula to find the volume of an octagon?

You don't find the "volume" of a flat figure. Perhaps you want its surface area.The area for a regular octagon of side "a" is 2 (1 + root(2)) a2, where "root" isthe square root function. If it is not a regular octagon, I don't think there is asimple formula to find the area - you'll have to split it up into simpler figures,for example triangles.==================================Answer #2:Here is the formula, to which the first answer alluded in passing,but which, for some reason, it did not explicitly present:Volume of an Octagon = 0 .

How many angles re on the interior of any octagon?

An octagon has 8 angles.An octagon has 8 angles.An octagon has 8 angles.An octagon has 8 angles.

Is an octagon a plane shape?

No, but an octagon is.

Image of a not regular octagon?

A octagon is a octagon without the same angles as the others.

Why is a octagon not a polygons?

That is because an octagon is singular and polygons is plural. An octagon is a polygon, and octagons are polygons but a octagon cannot be a polygons.

What is the name of a prism that has 10 sides?

An octagon-based prism.An octagon-based prism.An octagon-based prism.An octagon-based prism.

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