WHAT IS O plus S equals R?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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A linear equation in three variable.

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Q: WHAT IS O plus S equals R?
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Q plus r equals s so t plus u equals?


Fraction r over s equals 5 over 8 r plus s equals 39 what are r and s?

15 and 24, respectively.

S plus r equals h solve for h?

Congratulations! You already have. h = S+r

Rewrite R equals S plus 2T when S is 3 times as great as T?

R = S + 2T S = 3T .... substitute R = (3T) + 2T R = 5T

R plus s equals 4 2r plus 3s equals 8?

r + s = 4 and 2r + 3s = 8 multiply the first equation by 2 giving 2r + 2s = 8 subtract this from the second equation giving s = 0 So r = 4 and s = 0.

R plus s equals 39 what is r and what is s?

r and s can be any values such that r + s = 39. The answer is indeterminate since there are many solutions for that expression. If the new expression is included, then there must be some r and s for the problem.

Suppose you are given the formula R equals s plus 2t If you know that s is three times greater than t how could you rewrite the formula?

R = s + 2t; s = 3tR = 3t + 2tR = 5t

T equals R plus RS solve for R?

Given T = R + RS Lateral inversion makes it to be R + RS = T Taking R as common factor, we get R(1+S) = T Now dividing by (1+S) both sides, R = T / (1+S) Hence the solution R = T/(1+S)

R varies directly as s find r when s equals 7 and k equals 5?

Since r varies directly with s, we have r = ks (replace k with 5 and s with 7) r = (5)(7) r = 35

S equals 2пrh plus 2пr2 solve for h?

S = 2 pi r h + 2 pi r2S - 2 pi r2 = 2 pi r hh = (S - 2 pi r2) / (2 pi r)

How does the oxidation state of O change in the following reaction L s plus NaOH aq equals LiOH aq plus Na s?

it does not change -apex

If send plus more equals money what are the numerical digits for each letter and how do you solve it?

i think S=9 e=5 n=6 d=7 m = 1 o =0 r = 8 y =2