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Q: Was it cheaper to have water meter installed?
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How would one get a water meter installed?

To get a water meter installed you generally have to have someone install it for you, and you can either apply to have someone do that for you, or pay a professional to do it.

How do you apply for water meter for your house?

In most cases you have to apply for a water meter from your local water utility company. Contact them and let them know that you will like for a water meter to be installed.

Where is a smart meter installed?

In the same place the regular kilowatt hour meter was installed.

Can a Gas meter be installed a house and does it have to be installed in metal?

The meter has to be installed on the exterior using black steel pipe in the home.

What state was the first parking meter installed in?

The world's first installed parking meter was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 16, 1935

Would an in-line shutoff valve installed between the house and the meter decrease water pressure?

Not noticeably unless the valve is partially closed.

What gradient should oil storage tanks be installed?

20mm per meter meter falling away from the outlet

How do you make a water meter?

A water meter is purchased at a plumbing wholesaler.

What can a landlord do if the tenants abuse free electricity and water?

If the rent includes electricity and water, then there's not much the landlord can do. If the landlord feels he is paying too much for electricity and water, he can opt for a water meter and electric meter to be installed on the property, to enable the tenant to be responsible for his own electric and water. It should be noted, however, that landlord may not turn off any utilities because the tenant failed to pay the rent.

Is water or petrol cheaper?

In the end, logically, water will be cheaper with water covering more than 90% of the earth's surface

Is it cheaper to was clothes in cold water then in hot?

cheaper in cold water as you don't have to heat up the water. but it is definitely not as effective

Americas first automobile parking meter was installed in Oklahoma city in 1899?

No. It was in 1935!