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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is 24x to the power of 2 + 14x in factored form?
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How do you factorize 24x plus 36?

It is: 12(2x+3) when factored

Can 9xยฒ-24x 16 be factored using the perfect square?

If you mean 9x^2-24x+16 then yes it can because its discriminant is equal to zero and it is (3x-4)(3x-4) when factored

Are quadratic equations the only mathematical equations that can be factored?

First of all, you don't factor an equation. You factor an expression.Next, here is a linear expression that can be factored: [ 96x + 4 ]. The factored form is: 4(24x + 1).Here is a third degree expression: [ 7x3 - 112x ]. The factored form is: 7x (x + 4) (x - 4).

What is the square root of 24x to the 2nd power?

The answer is, 24x

What is the factor of the trinomial -x 3-10xsquare plus 24x?

-x3 -10x2 + 24x 1) -x can be factored out to give, -x(x2 + 10x - 24) 2) The bracketed expression can be factored as (x + 12)(x - 2), which now gives, -x(x + 12)(x - 2) = -x3 -10x2 + 24x

How do you solve 30x2 plus 25x-24x-20 by factor?

30x2+25x-24x-20 = 30x2+x-20 = (6x+5)(5x-4) when factored

What is the answer to 6x-14x 16-27 11?


What is 144x plus 54x to the 2nd power plus 96?

Dividing all terms by 6 gives: 9x2+24x+16 = (3x+4)(3x+4) when factored

X to the power of 4 - 24X squared - 22X?

x(x3 - 24x - 22)

What is the factorization of x2 24x 41?

Because 41 is a prime number, we can see right away that this expression can not be factored.

What is 6x2-24x-72 factored?

6(x2 -4x - 12) 6(x-6)(x+2)

24x square plus 17x-20?

It is a quadratic expression in the variable x.

What should be the value of K if 9x square - 24x plus K is equal to a perfect square?


How do you do -21 - 24x?


What is the square root of 24x in radical form?


Can you factor 5x squared -14x-12?

you can factorise 5x2-24x-12 if you use the quadratic formula: This goes to (24(+/-)sqrt(816))/(10) =5.257 or -0.4566 (4s.f.)

What is the greatest common factor of 15x and 24x to the 2nd power?


What is the solution of x power of 2 plus 24x plus 144 equals negative 9?

(x^2) + 24x + 144 = -9 x = -12

What is 24x - 7?

24x - 7 = 17

What is 2x5-48x5-50x factored?

I assume you mean:2x^5-48x^5-50xSo, 2x can be divided out, leaving:2x (x^4-24x^4-25)

What does 4 to the negative third power equal?


How factor the following trinomials completely which is 4x2-24x plus 32?

Dividing all terms by 4 gives: x2-6x+8 = (x-2)(x-4) when factored

What is the answer to 3x2 plus 24x plus 48 equals 0?

3(2) + 24x + 48 = 0 6 + 24x + 48 = 0 24x + 54 = 0 24x + 54 - 54 = 0 - 54 24x = -54 24x/24 = -54/24 x = -9/4 x = -2 1/4

What is the gcd of 15x and 24x?

GCD(15x, 24x) = 3x

What is the square root of 24x to the 4th power divided by the square root of 3x?

√(24x)4/√(3x) = [242x2√(3x)]/3x = 8(24)x√(3x) = 192x√(3x)