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Q: What is the quadratic function represented by a parabola having vertex (-2,3) and a=1?
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Why is a quadratic function a function of x having the highest degree 2?

It follows from the definition of a quadratic funtcion.

What are the steps to solving a quadratic equation?

In general, there are two steps in solving a given quadratic equation in standard form ax^2 + bx + c = 0. If a = 1, the process is much simpler. The first step is making sure that the equation can be factored? How? In general, it is hard to know in advance if a quadratic equation is factorable. I suggest that you use first the new Diagonal Sum Method to solve the equation. It is fast and convenient and can directly give the 2 roots in the form of 2 fractions. without having to factor the equation. If this method fails, then you can conclude that the equation is not factorable, and consequently, the quadratic formula must be used. See book titled:" New methods for solving quadratic equations and inequalities" (Trafford Publishing 2009) The second step is solving the equation by the quadratic formula. This book also introduces a new improved quadratic formula, that is easier to remember by relating the formula to the x-intercepts with the parabola graph of the quadratic function.

How do students apply quadratic equation as an activity?

Teachers can find many ways to teach students the quadratic equation. An activity could include having contests where students race to solve the equations in the fastest time.

What form of a quadratic function would be graphed having the vertex at the same point as the y- intercept?

The function would be in the form of ax2+c. The axis of symmetry would be the y-axis, or x = 0, because b would be zero. Likewise, the y-intercept is not important, as any value of c will still yield a vertex at the y-intercept.

Why quadratic equation called quadratic?

Because it is in the form of ax^2+bx+c=0 Because quadratic means squared hence ax squared + bx +c=0 has a squared number as it's highest term. This is in fact the area of a square of a side "x" is x^2, so every equation having variable with exponent 2 become quadratic equation.

Why are the quadratic equations of the second degree called quadratic?

Answer It is due to the propensity of scholars of all types to label things of profound importance with words or modifications of words of a long dead language. In this case "quadratic" comes from the Latin "quadratus", meaning square. This is in fact the area of a square of a side "x" is x^2, so every equation having variable with exponent 2 become quadratic equation.

How do you solve parabola equation having lb focus at 0 3?

There is not enough information. You need either the directrix or vertex (or some other item of information).

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Write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as solution of 2?

x2 - 4x + 4 or (x - 2)2

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Advantages and disadvantages of using journals in mathematics?

Somebody (possibly in seventh-century India) was solving a lot of quadratic equations by completing the square. At some point, he noticed that he was always doing the exact same steps in the exact same order for every equation. Taking advantage of the one of the great powers and benefits of algebra (namely, the ability to deal with abstractions, rather than having to muck about with the numbers every single time), he made a formula out of what he'd been doing:The Quadratic Formula: For ax2 + bx + c = 0, the value of x is given byThe nice thing about the Quadratic Formula is that the Quadratic Formula always works. There are some quadratics (most of them, actually) that you can't solve by factoring. But the Quadratic Formula will always spit out an answer, whether the quadratic was factorable or not.I have a lesson on the Quadratic Formula, which gives examples and shows the connection between the discriminant (the stuff inside the square root), the number and type of solutions of the quadratic equation, and the graph of the related parabola. So I'll just do one example here. If you need further instruction, study the lesson at the above hyperlink.Let's try that last problem from the previous section again, but this time we'll use the Quadratic Formula:Use the Quadratic Formula to solve x2 - 4x - 8 = 0.Looking at the coefficients, I see that a = 1, b = -4, and c = -8. I'll plug them into the Formula, and simplify. I should get the same answer as before:

What relationship do quadratics and polynomials have?

In algebra polynomials are the equations which can have any number of higher power. Quadratic equations are a type of Polynomials having 2 as the highest power.

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This function includes having the ability to provide warnings and instructions to military personnel and to the general public?

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What are the 4 methods to solve a quadratic equation?

You can solve a quadratic equation 4 different ways. graphing, which is quick but not reliable, factoring, completing the square and using the quadratic formula. There is a new fifth method, called Diagonal Sum Method, that can quickly and directly give the 2 roots in the form of 2 fractions, without having to factor the equation. It is fast, convenient, and is applicable whenever the equation can be factored. Finally, you can proceed solving in 2 steps any given quadratic equation in standard form. If a=1, solving the equation is much simpler. First, you always solve the equation in standard form by using the Diagonal Sum Method. If it fails to find answer, then you can positively conclude that the equation is not factorable, and consequently, the quadratic formula must be used. In the second step, solve the equation by using the quadratic formula.

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Yes - if the domain is a single point. Not much point in having such a function, but it can exist.

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Write a program in C programming language that computes the roots of the quadratic equation ax2 plus bx plus c?

Write your program and if you are having a problem post it here with a description of the problem you are having. What you are asking is for someone to do your homework for you.