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the question is the anwser

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Q: What is the surface area of the rectangular pyramid below 507units*2 -Apex Learning surface area of regular prisms and pyramids?
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Are there any rectangular pyramids in the world?

A tent can be a rectangular pyramid.

How are a rectangular and a triangular pyramid alike?

Rectangular pyramids and triangular pyramids both have triangular faces.

Example of objects that are rectangular pyramid?

The Great Pyramids in Egypt

How are pyramids and mastabas the same?

mastaba are rectangular and pyramid is a triangular

Are the Egyptian pyramids a rectangle pyramid?

Yes. They are rectangular pyramids. They are square, but a square is a rectangle, by definition.

Where can you find the height of a rectangular pyramid?

we can find the height of a rectangular pyramids located at the top of the base

Things shape as a rectangular pyramid?

There are some Christmas gift stands that are shaped like rectangular pyramids.

How many faces does a rectanglular pyramid have?

The answer is that rectangular pyramids have5 faces total. : P

How are rectangular prisms and pyramids are the same?

they are the same because, they both have rectangular bases. Rectangular prisms are rectangular from the top and bottom (they are flat) while a rectangular pyramid has a point on the top where all of the edges meet. A pyramid has a tip at the top which unables it to stand on the tip while prisms can anyways.

What is one of the pyramids of Giza?

Learning about the Pyramid of Giza is interesting and fun. One fact is that this pyramid is estimated to weigh 5,955,000 tons.

How are rectangular pyramids and rectangular prims alike?

They are similar, however, the distinctiion is that the pyramid has a rectangular base with triangular faces meeting in a vertex (thus forming the pyramid shape), while the prism has a congruent (identical) cross-section, like a loaf of bread. So the prism has two rectangular "ends".

What do you call a pyramid with a rectangular base?

A rectangular pyramid.

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