What statistical test should I use?

I am new to statistics. I have a data set evaluating class size (med-school level) to exam performance. When graphed, it appears that lower class sizes have worse performance and also larger variability than larger class sizes. Possibly due to less resources? 1. What test should I use to evaluate significance of the data set? I am just looking at this single data set and not really comparing it to anything else. 2. What statistical test should I use to describe that the variance at lower class sizes is greater than the variance at larger class sizes? Thank you!

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Ray Finkle

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Q: What statistical test should I use?
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What statistical test do you use for nominal by ordinal data?

Kruskal-Wallis H test.

Is there a statistical test to assess the difference between two ratios. I have numbers which are ratios and want to test whether there is a statistical difference between them?

You can use the z test for two proportions. The link below will do this test for you.

When do you use goodness of fit in statistical analysis?

statistical goodness of fit test used for categorical data to test if a sample of data came from a population with a specific distribution. It can be applied for discrete distributions.

Is the chi square analysis a statistical test?

It can be, but it is also a statistical distribution in its own right - on which the test is based.

What is the power of a statistical test?

The power of a statistical test is the probability that the test will reject the null hypothesis when it is, in fact, false. Please see the link.

What does representative mean in statistics?

You know nothing about how to use statistical analysis to verify or test validity, do u.

What statistical test should be used to compare whether one of two variables A or B has the greatest influence on variable set C?


What would you use a parametric test for?

* Always when the assumptions for the specific test (as there are many parametric tests) are fulfilled. * When you want to say something about a statistical parameter.

Is the Chi Square test related to statistics?

Yes. It is a statistical test.

What is the use of statistical inference in technology?

What is the use of statistical inference in technology?

What are examples of parametric and nonparametric statistical tests?

Parametric statistical tests assume that your data are normally distributed (follow a classic bell-shaped curve). An example of a parametric statistical test is the Student's t-test.Non-parametric tests make no such assumption. An example of a non-parametric statistical test is the Sign Test.

How is the power of a statistical test defined?

The power of a statistical test is defined as being a probability that a test will product a result that is significantly different. It can be defined as equaling the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis.

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