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Q: What 2 digit number is a square number less than 42 but greater than 29?
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You are thinking of a 2-digit odd number less than a 100 it is a prime number that is 6 more than a square number and 13 less than another square number what are you?

87 is the only 2-digit number that is 6 greater and 13 less than a square, but it is not prime.

Im a two digit number in a square number is greater than 29 and less than 42?


What is a two digit number and a square number that is greater than twenty nine but less than forty two?

something I don't know

What number are you if your tens digit is twice the ones digit and is less than 50 and greater than 40?

The number must be 42.

What square number is greater than 100?

The square of any number greater than 10 (or less than -10) will be greater than 100.

Am a number less than 59. I am greater than 48. My ones digit is 2 more than my tens digit?

The number is 57.

Is the square root of a number greater than the square of the number?

Yes, if the number is less than '1'.Just the opposite, if the number is greater than '1'.

The square of a wole number is 2809 what is the number?

Work it out with a few clues. Only a 3 can be the last digit of number whose square has a 9 at the end. There are 4 digits in the square, so the root is greater than 31, and less than 100. The square of 5 = 25, so the square of 50 = 2500

What is a square number is less then ten odd and is greater than fifty?

9 is an odd square number less than 10 and 92 = 81 which is greater than 50

You are a number less than 59 you are greater than 48My ones digit is 2 more than your tens digit?


When is a square root less than the number?

when the number is greater than 1

When this 3 digit number is rounded to The nearest ten rounds to The number is less than 360 greater than Thea once digit an even number that you count after . what is The number?