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It is: B+2b when simplified assuming B and b have different values

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Q: What B plus b plus b is simplified to?
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What is 44 plus b plus 16?

It is: 60+b simplified

Simplify the answer of 4a plus b-2a-2b?

It is 2a-b simplified

A plus b?

The value of a + b depends on the values of the individual variables.The expression a + b cannot be simplified.

What Is -2b - 6 plus 3b-2 simplified?

It is: b -8 when simplified

What is 7b b b simplified?

If you mean: 7b+b+b then it is 9b simplified

A plus b plus c equals 2s then 2s-2b is equal to?

2s-2b= a+b+c-2b simplified that would be a+c-b.

What is the simplify of -2b plus 6 plus 3b-2?

It is: b+4 when simplified

What is the third root of a plus b squared simplified?

There is an ambiguity whether you square the sum of a plus b, or only b. In any case, I don't think you can simplify this expression.

-9(a plus b)?

The simplified expression is -9a -9b.

What is b x b simplified?


Simplify 2a -3 plus 4b - 2a -b -3 plus 5?

2a-3+4b-2a-b-2a-b-3+5 Can be simplified to: 3b-1

What is 3a plus b?

It is simply as stated in the question. Without information about a or b, the expression cannot be simplified nor evaluated.

What is a2 plus b -c divided by m?

It's an expression that can't be simplified.

What is b plus b plus b plus b?


What is 15 minus a plus 9b - 11 plus 3a- b?

When simplified it is: 2a+8b+4

What is b plus b plus b plus b equals?


Simplify b plus b plus b plus b?


What is the answer to the algebraic expression b plus b plus b?

It is: b+b+b = 3b

What does b plus a plus b-a equal?

b + a + b - a = 2b

What is the square root of a squared plus b squared?

It's the square root of a2+b2. It cannot be simplified. It is NOT a+b. The answer is c square.

What is -3b plus 3c plus 5-b-8c-4?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 1-4b-5c

What is b plus b plus b?


A-b plus a-b plus 2b plus 2a?

a-b+a-b+2b+a = 4a

What is b plus b plus b plus c plus c plus c plus c?

b+b+b+c+c+c+c =3b+4c

One-half the square of b simplified?


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