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Q: What DA form is used to report work under an approved sampling plan?
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How long will the rater maintain the DA Form 2166-8-1 for the rated NCO?

After an approved and submitted NCO Evaluation Report (NCOER) for that period.

How do you spell tasting?

That is the correct spelling of the verb form "tasting" (sampling by mouth).

How do multistage sampling applies to real life situation?

Multistage sampling is a form of cluster sampling where instead of using the entire cluster, random samples from each cluster are used. This is typically used when doing opinion polls or surveys.

What form do I download to report state quarterlys?

What form do I need to report quarterlys to state

Example of multistage sampling?

the combinitoin of any random samples is called multistage samplinag. it is the expensive form of cluster samling. when each elements in cluster are expensive then we use multistage sampling.

What are the Advantage and disadvantage of purposive sampling?

Purposive sampling involves selecting participants for a study based on some characteristic that you know they have. There is nothing random about their selection - it was done with intent. An advantage of this type of sampling is that it allows the researcher to quickly hone in on the target population. A disadvantage to this form of sampling is that researcher bias can creep in to influence results, if subjects are not chosen very carefully.

What is the procedure of convenience sampling?

Convenience sampling is also know as grab sampling. There is no procedure for the sampling itself because the emphasis at this stage is usually on improving other aspects of the research such as exposing flaws in a survey form or training personnel. In grab sampling you simply take any sample element that you can find although you might favour those that would exercise parts of your system that might seem weak. For instance, if your survey instrument asks for ages and some people were reluctant to provide them, then how would this be resolved once the grab sampling phase had been completed and actual sampling had started?

How do you report Twitter tweets for abuse?

Twitter has a form that you can fill in to report abuse. Follow the related link to the form.

Is the best description of a stratified random sample?

Stratified random sampling is a form of probability sampling that provides a methodology for dividing a population into smaller subgroups as a means of ensuring greater accuracy of your high-level survey results. The smaller subgroups are called strata. Stratified random sampling is also called proportional or quota random sampling.

What form is used to report FICA taxes?

proper form

What is the full form of LFAR?

Long Form Audit Report

What is a standard book report form?

its just the title of your book report and then by:(your name)