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4 and 18

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Q: What LCM numbers make up 36?
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Find 2 pairs of numbers with the given number as their LCM?

This will be difficult to answer accurately if we don't know the given number, so we'll make one up. 36. Two pairs of numbers with an LCM of 36 are 4,9 and 12,18.

What numbers make up the LCM of 1080?

540 and 1080 have an LCM of 1080.

What numbers make up numbers?


Which two square numbers will add up to make 45?

9 and 36

What two numbers add up to -72 and multiply to 1296?

The two numbers are... -36 and -36

What are the LCM of 4 and 9 up to 108?

The LCM of 4 and 9 is 36. Other multiples include 72 and 108.

How do you make up a problem to find the lcm of two numbers of one to find gcf of two numbers?

You can find the GCF of two numbers by dividing their product by their LCM. The LCM of 30 and 42 is 210. What is their GCF? 30 x 42 = 1260 divided by 210 = 6 The GCF of 30 and 42 is 6.

What 2 numbers add up to make 69?


The GCF of two numbers is 5 the LCM is 90 the numbers add up to 55 what are the numbers?

45 and 10

What numbers can make up a square up to a 100?

1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 42, 64, 81, 100

What 3 numbers add up to 36?


2 feet amd 1 yards least common multiple?

The LCM refers to whole numbers. What you do with them is up to you, just make sure the values are the same. 1 yard = 3 feet. The LCM of 2 and 3 is 6.

The gcf of two numbers is 5 the LCM is 450 the numbers add up to 55 what are the two numbers?

45 and 10

The GCF of two numbers is 5. the LCM is 90 the numbers add up to 55 what are the 2 numbers?

45 and 10

What pair of square numbers make 40?

4 (the square of 2) and 36 (the square of 6) add up to 40.

What 2 numbers give you 36?

There are many combinations of two numbers that add up to 36. One combination is 20 + 16

The gcf of two numbers is 5 The LCM is 450 The two numbers add up to 95 What are the two numbers?

50 and 45

What two numbers add up to be 4 and multiply up to be -36?


What two numbers added make 16 but when multiplied equal 36?

The factor pairs of 36 are (36,1)(18,2)(12,3)(9,4) None of them add up to 16.

How do you find the LCM of a fraction?

LCM means lowest common multiple. You cannot find the LCM of a fraction, but can find the LCM of two or more fractions. You do this by splitting the numbers up into their prime factors, then identifying any common factors. You then discard the duplicates of the common factors, and multiply all the others together. The answer is the LCM of the original numbers.

How many 2 numbers make up 36?

36 x 1 = 36 18 x 2 = 36 1 x 36 = 36 9 x 4 = 36 3 x 12 = 36 6 x 6 = 36

What three consecutive numbers add up to 111?

The numbers are 36, 37 and 38.

What 2 numbers add up to 16 and multiply to 720?

If you mean to -720 then the numbers are 36 and -20

Up to 36 what numbers are dividable by 4?


When finding LCM do you have to keep going up using big numbers?

If you use the "list the multiples" method of finding the LCM, it is likely that the lists and the size of the numbers on the list will increase as the numbers you are comparing get larger. If you learn the "prime factorization" method, you can avoid that.