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That depends for the most part to the settings for collecting data, to a lesser part to the most obvious (network) access, user rights at logon as well as parameters in data collection for auditing and access to audits in the database specifically as a database administrator as well as other security settings including firewall, etc... Validity is subsequent to the medium you want to collect data from (connection - first set). The data would have to be checked when received against a basic, comprehensive but most of all trustworthy second set of parameters indicating a property which all data has which can be set to detect if the data should be collected and then how the data is to be indexed (for example).... and so on ...

There's a lot you'd have to take in account; I suppose you could take this as 'tips' or 'hints'. Most importantly is of 'course preparing for which, supposing you've asked this question on a selected amount of forums, as a preface looking for an indication for the research and the preparing/planning itself. I just hope you're taking care of redundancy, a known and proved military strategy. Latter being very important. Military is always at the forefront .... difficult to get information on their strongest and weakest points.

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Q: What Potential factors that can influence the validity of information derived from collected data?
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What is Social Validity in education?

social validity is represents the value and use of the information obtained from the instrument.

What are pieces of information you should collect notes on as you look through your sources?

I, II, and III I. information your reader will need to know about your topic II. information that might prove the validity of an argument or position III. information that might disprove the validity of an argument or position

Identify and describe two sources of information?

Ways of checking the validity of information

Define population and sample?

The population is the set of all things which you wish to study. However, because collecting information from a large, possibly infinite, population is likely to be prohibitively large and time consuming, it is collected from only some members of the population. This subset is a sample.The population may, but need not, consist of people. It could be the set of cars, or plots of land. There are a number of different ways of selecting samples: how the sample is selected will influence the quality of the statistics collected and, therefore, the validity of any conclusions.

What does the term validtiy of informarion mean?

The term validity of information means how accurate or true the information is.

What does determining the context of a media do?

it helps explain the meaning of the media piece Determining the context of a media helps us contextualize a given report.

What is validilty of information?

Validity of information is determined by the factual evidence that is presented. There has to be proof that will substantiate information so as to make it valid.

What is considered before using secondary data?

relevance, consistency, method of collection used, validity, reasons for which the data were collected, reliability, completenes e.t.c

Why should you seek clarification if you are in doubt as to the validity or suitability of the imforation you have gathered?

If you are in doubt as to the validity or suitability of the information you have gathered, seeking clarification is a way to better understand the information, and remove the doubt. Clarification can make the information less confusing and more comprehensible.

What procedures can be followed to ensure the reliability validity currency and accuracy of data information used by an organisation?

Double checking and verification are some of the procedures that can be followed by an organization to ensure reliability,validity and accuracy of the data information.

What is validity information?

Validity Informationwhat is validity information. here is a list of what validity information is:A valid document is a document you can rely and trust.There is good evidence to show the document is correct in what you are saying.· Validity refers to the degree to which a study accurately reflects or assesses the specific concept that the researcher is attempting to measure. Validity has three components:· Relevance - the document must have a purpose to what you won't to say and have evidence to back it up.· Accuracy - the document must be correct so you can put a point across.· Utility - the document provides formative and summary results with the right information.Concerning the trustworthiness of information the use of multiple sources is imperative (intelligence). In science this would mean conducting multiple identical tests which yield the same result.

How is nonverbal communication more effective than verbal communication?

Less potential for misunderstandings in writing as well as better legal validity.