What angle is 360degrees?

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It is a full turn of 360 degrees or simply a circle.

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Q: What angle is 360degrees?
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What angle make up a square?

A square has 4, 90degree angles. There are 360degrees in total in a square

A Regular Polygon has 335 sides What is the degree measure of one interior angle?

360degrees/335 interior angles=1.075degrees

What is the sum of the interior angles of a trapizoid?


What polygon that has interior angles that up to 360degrees is what?

Your Question does not make sense!

How do you turn a fraction into a percent of 360degrees?

Multiply the fraction by 100/360, which simplifies to 5/18.

How many degrees owls can move their head?

180degrees or 360degrees. They can move far can't they? Unique.

What is the answer for 40 percent of 360degrees?

40% of 360 degrees= 40% * 360= 0.4 * 360= 144 degrees

What is the angle sum of a quadrilateral?

90 x 4, or 360. You can see this in a square, which has 4 90 degree angles. Any time you increase or decrease the length of any of the 4 sides, one angle is increased and another decreases by the same amount. So the total of all four angles will always be 360 degrees. Interestingly, this also occurs in triangles, but the total for a triangle is 180 degrees.

Why do quadrilaterals equal to 360?

This is because all the angles are 90 degrees. This is usually because there are 4 angles and them up to 360degrees.

What is the degree measure of 50 percent?

50% of what degree. 50% of 360degrees is 180degrees 50% of 180degrees is 90degrees 50% of 90degrees is 45degrees 50% of 260degrees is 130degrees

Name two 2d shapes in which the angles of each add up to 360degrees?


What are the types of geometric angles?

Right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, supplementary angle, complementary angle, interior angle, exterior angle, adjacent angle

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