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The right angle.

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Q: What angle is the biggest in a right angle?
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Related questions

What is the biggest right angle in a square?

you cant have a big right angle in a square because a right angle is 90 degree's and only 90 degree's

What angle in a right triangle is the biggest and why?

The right angle is the largest. Triangles have a total of 180 degrees. If you use 90 on one angle, you only have 90 for the other two.

What is the biggest right angle?

There is no difference in a right angle, a right angle is always 90 degrees, and if in a triangle, the most famous is either a 45 45 90, or a 30 60 90, but these are no the only ones.

If you bisect an obtuse angle you get 2 obtuse angles Right?

No. The biggest possible obtuse angle is one that's a hair less than 180 degrees. Bisect that, and each half is the biggest possible ACUTE angle.

A right angle has one right angle?

a right angle is a right angle

Why is a right angle sometimes called a right angle?

Because a right angle is a right angle.

A right angle is an angle that has a?

A right angle is a angle with 90o

What is an right angle right angle-an angle that has a?

Assuming your question is what makes a right-angle, it is an angle of 90o .

What is the negation of angle a is a right angle?

It is: "angle a is not a right angle" or "angle a is greater than or less than a right angle".

Why is there a right angle but not a left angle?

because a right angle is right and a left angle is wrong

In a right triangle, the is opposite the right angle?

The side opposite the right angle of a right angle triangle is the hypotenuse

Can a right angle havean obtuse angle?

No. A right angle is a right angle and cannot be anything else.

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