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The main advantage of primary data is that it is specific to your market or product.

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Q: What are advantages of primary data?
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The advantages and disadvantages of primary data?

Advantages and Disadvantages of primary data are: Advantages 1. Data is basic 2. Unbiased information 3. Original data 4. Data from the primary market/ population 5. Data direct from the population. Disadvantages. 1. Large volume of data. 2. Huge volume of population. 3. Time consuming 4. Direct and personal intervention has to be there. 5. Raw data.

What advantages of primary data?

Primary data is very advantageous over secondary data in several types of ways. First of all, it is the actual thing, or the whole thing, depending on what primary data you are talking about. Primary data in the form of architecture is obviously much preferable over secondary data such as pictures, because it is there in front of you, and can be examined by your senses, not only seen by your eyes. Obviously secondary data also has advantages, such as being easier to obtain than primary data, but primary data is still a good way to obtain information.

What advantages do secondary data have over primary data?

Secondary data is faster, cheaper, and less time consuming while primary data will be time consuming and the cost to conduct it is higher.

Advantages of primary sources of data?

The imformation you get from a primary source is more accurate and more likely to be correct

Primary data secondary data?

primary data structures

What are primary data and secoundary data?

primary data structures

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary source of data?

they are created by people who have never experienced the historical period they described

Advantages and disadvantages of primary cells?

what are the advantages and disadvantages primary cells?

What are the Advantages of a data projector to a teacher?

what are the advantages of a data projector

Is the US Constitution primary or secondary data?

it is primary data

What are advantages of a primary cell?

primary cell

What is primary data in statistics?

Primary data is is data that has been observed or collected first hand

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