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111 and 201

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Q: What are all of the numbers that are odd three digit numbers with a digit sum of 3?
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Related questions

What are all three-digit odd numbers whose digit sum is 9?

1, 3, and 5.

How many three digit numbers have odd prime number as 1st digit A prime number as 2nd digit and an odd number as 3rd digit?

There are 17 such numbers.

How do you find odd three digit numbers?

Easily put any number with a single odd number 1,3,5,7,9 in a three digit number. Like 113 the 3 and 1 makes it odd number or 223 the three makes it odd.

How many three-digit odd numbers are possible if the left digit cannot be zero?

450... There are 500 odd numbers from 000 to 999 inclusive. From 000 to 099, there are 50 odd numbers. 500 - 50 = 450.

What is the number if there is a 4 digit number no numbers are repeated the digit is odd the digit in the tens place is three times the digit in the thousands place and the sum of the numbers is 27?


How many 5 digit odd numbers are possible without ending in 0?

All of them. There are roughly 45,000 5-digit odd numbers. None of them end in 0.

What are some of the mathematical properties of the number 925?

925 is a number divisible by 5, as its last digit is a 5. It is an odd number. Its divisors are 5, 5, and 37, also all odd numbers. It is a three-digit number.

How many three digit numbers are there such whose digits sum is odd?


How many three digit numbers contain any odd digits?


Is 313335373941 are odd numbers?

All of those numbers are odd, except the 4. If you were referring to the number as a whole, it is odd because the last digit in the ones place is odd.

Dan found a two digit odd number one of its digits was half the other the number was greater than 50 what is the number?

If the number is odd, the last digit is odd. That means the ten's digit must be twice the one's digit. There are only four two-digit numbers where the ten's digit is twice the one's digit: 21, 42, 63, 84. Check which of these satisfy all the clues.

How many two digit numbers are not multiples of 2?

All of the odd numbers between 11 and 99 inclusive are two digit numbers that are not multiples of 2. There are 45 of them.

What is the 3 digit odd number between 2700 2800?

Since both of those numbers contains four digits, there are no three-digit numbers between them.

What are 8 digit odd numbers with all digits different?

There are only five distinct odd digits.

What is the smallest 5 digit number that all numbers are odd?


What is the three digit numbers whose tens digit is an odd number that is greater than 10 and less than 20?

Meaningless question.

What are the three odd prime numbers?

The question, "the" three odd prime numbers, is wrong. There are much more than three odd prime numbers - in fact, infinitely many. There are infinitely many prime numbers, and all except the number 2 are odd.

What is a 4 digit ODD numbers have all 4 digits distinct?


Is 894 odd?

No. Like all numbers ending in the digit 4, it is even.

Find the product of all odd numbers of digit?

If the question is about the product of all odd digits, the answer is 945. Otherwise the question does not make sense.

Why do we have 450 odd three digit numbers?

There are 899 three digit numbers (100 through 999).Each century (grouping of 100 numbers) has 50 odd numbers. (half of the numbers are odd, half are even)So.. 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, 400-499, 500-599, 600-699, 700-799, 800-899, 900-999We have 9 centuries.Number of odd numbers = 9*50 = 450

Which is the five digit odd number?

There are 45000 such numbers. None of them can be considered "the" five digit odd number.

What is the largest5-digit odd numbers?

99999. And if all the digits need to be different, it is 98765.

What is the sum of all those 3 digit numbers with only odd digits?


Do all odd numbers have 3 as a factor?

No. Seven is odd, for example, and does not have three as a factor.