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all perfect cubes (any number powered by 3) by adding or subtracting 1 become factor of 7 except base number as 7 and its factors.

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7 is a factor of which number?

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Q: What are all the number that are factor of 7?
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Does all of the multiples of 7 have 2 as a factor too?

For 2 to be a factor, the number has to be even. If you multiply two odd numbers together, you get an odd number. 7 is odd, so if I multiply it by any odd number, I will get a number that doesn't have 2 as a factor (e.g. 7x5=35 which doesn't have 2 as a factor). Thus, the answer to the question is "no," not all multiples of 7 have 2 as a factor.

All factors of 49?

A factor = a number which can be divided into the given number with no remainder ie 1, 7, 49 7 * 7 = 49

What number is both a factor and multiple of 7?

The only number that could be both a factor and a multiple is 7 itself.

All factors of 147?

The prime factors of 147 are 3, 7 and 7. From those we can create all the other factors ... (3 x 7) and (7 x 7) which are 21 and 49. 1 is a factor of every number, and every number is a factor of itself. So all the factors of 147 are 1, 3, 7, 7, 21, 49 and 147

What is the greatest common factor of 7 and 26?

Since the number 7 is a prime number and not a factor of 26, the greatest common positive integer factor of 7 and 26 is 1.

What is a prime number and is a factor of 7?

7 because 7and 1 are the only factor since 7 is a prime number. 1 isn't a prime or composite number so it is 7.

Greatest common factor for 14 and 49?

Factor each number into its prime factors. 14 = 2 * 7 49 = 7 * 7 We take all the prime factors they have in common, and multiply. In this case the only prime factor they have in common is 7, so that is the answer.

If 7 is the last number in a prime factorization does it end?

Yes. Since 7 is a prime number, you have found all the prime numbers, with 7 being the final prime factor.

A number decreased by a factor of 7?


What are factor pairs for the number 7?

1 and 7

What prime number is a factor of 91 but not a factor of 26?


What number is a factor for 7x7 equals 49?

7 is a factor of 49.