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Points: (-4, -7) and (3, 2)

Slope: 9/7

Equation: 7y = 9x-13 or as y = 9/7x-13/7

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Q: What are all the point slope equations of the line going through -4 -7and 3 2?
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What are point-slope equations of the line going through -5 6 and 1 1?

y-6=5/6(x+5) AND y-1=-5/6(x-1)

Why can't all linear equations be written using point slope?

Because of undefined slope, because undefined slope does not have a slope it doesn't have anything to substitute for m in the point slope equation.

Linear equations in point slope form?

Point-slope form is written as: y-y1=m(x-x1), where (x1, y1) is a point on the line and m is the slope (hence the name, point-slope form).

What is the slope of a line that passes through the point (-5 3) and is parallel to a line that passes through (213) and (-4-11)?

If you mean: (2, 13) and (-4, -11) then the slope is 4 and both equations will have the same slope of 4 but with different y intercepts

Which equations contain the point (2 3) and have a slope of 2?

Point: (2, 3) Slope: 2 Equation: y = 2x -1

Find the point slope equations of the line using the point 7 4 and slope of?


How do you interpret the solution of a system of equations by the corresponding graph?

The solution of a system of equations corresponds to the point where the graphs of the equations intersect. If the equations have one unique point of intersection, that point represents the solution of the system. If the graphs are parallel and do not intersect, the system has no solution. If the graphs overlap and coincide, the system has infinitely many solutions.

What is the slope of the equation y equals 3?

y = 3 is a horizontal line going through the point (0,3) Therefore it has no slope * * * * * In mathematical terms it DOES have a slope and the slope is 0.

How do you find a line that goes through a given point?

You need either a point and the slope of the line or two points. Then you use the point slope form of the line or the slope intercept form to write the lines.A given point has an infinite number of lines going through it, that is why you need more information.

What is the point-slope form of a line with slope that contains the point (-1 2)?

Another point is needed to work out the slope and its straight line equation. Slope is worked out as: (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) ----------------------- With slope m and going through a point (x0, y0), a line has equation: y - y0 = m(x - x0) Thus the point-slope equation of a line with slope m through the point (-1, 2) is given by: y - 2 = m(x - -1) → y - 2 = m(x + 1)

How do you write an equation that is parallel to a given line and passes through the given point?

Parallel straight line equations have the same slope but with different y intercepts

The slope of the line below is 2 Write the point slope equation for the line using the coordinates of the labeled point 1 9?

The equation for a line of slope m going through point (Xo, Yo) is given by: y - Yo = m(x - Xo) So for line of slope 2 going through (1, 9) the equation is: y - 9 = 2(x - 1) ⇒ y = 2x + 7