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The sum of the lengths of two sides of a triangle must be greater than the length of the third so the following eight triangles will do:

(1,8,8), (2,7,8), (3,6,8), (3,7,7), (4,5,8), (4,6,7), (5,5,7) and (5,6,6).

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Q: What are all the possible lengths for the sides of a triangle if the triangle's perimeter is 17 and the lengths of the sides are integers?
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How many distinct equilateral triangles with a perimeter of 60 units have integer side lengths?

There is only one equilateral triangle with a perimeter of 60 units. Its side lengths are integers.

How do you get perimeters from triangles?

The perimeter of any triangle is the sum of its 3 sides

How to measure a triangles perimeter?

You find the three sides of the triangle, and assure that they are all in the same unit, and then add the sides together to find the perimeter of the triangle.

The perimeter of the triangle is 144 What is the length of each side?

You can't tell. There are an infinite number of triangles that all have a perimeter of 144.

The sum of the perimeters of two congruent triangles is three times the perimeter of the first triangle?


What is the perimeter of a triangle which a diameter of 8 inches?

Triangles don't have a diameter. They have a base and a height.

You are given that triangle mnp triangle xyz line mp equals 8cm line xz equals 12cm the perimeter of triangle xyz equals 80cm what would be the perimeter of triangle mnp?

It is necessary to mention that the two triangles are similar.Let the perimeter of the triangle MNP be x cm.Since the triangles XYZ and MNP are similar triangles,8/12 = x/80 (multiply both sides by 80)640/12 = x53.3333... = x53 3/9 = x53 1/3 = xThus, the perimeter of the triangle MNP is 53 1/3 cm.

Why does the obtuse triangles has the smaller perimeter than other triangles?

They don't always- they don't always 'has' a smaller perimeter than other triangles. A triangle can be absolutely any size as long as it has three sides and angles that add to 180 degrees

How many 1 inch triangles are needed to make a row of triangles that has a perimeter of 20 inches?

If a "1 inch triangle" means a triangle each of whose sides is 1 inch, then there is no answer to the question. These are equilateral triangles and equilateral triangles can tesselate to form a larger equilateral triangle. The fact that the large triangle is equilateral means that its three sides are equal so that its perimeter ie the sum of the three sides must be divisible by 3. 20 is not divisible by 3.

What is the ratio of the perimeter of the smaller triangle to the perimeter of the lager triangle?

the ratio of the perimeter of triangle ABC to the perimeter of triangle JKL is 2:1. what is the perimeter of triangle JKL?

Triangles hij and mno are similar the perimeter of smaller triangle hij is 44 the lengths of two corresponding sides on the triangles are 13 and 26 what is the perimeter of mno?

Let the perimeter of the triangle MNO be x.Since the perimeters of similar polygons have the same ratio as any two corresponding sides, we have13/26 = 44/x (cross multiply)13x =1,144 (divide both sides by 13)x = 88Or since 13/26 = 1/2, the perimeter of the triangle MNO is twice the perimeter of the triangle HIJ, which is 88.

If the area of triangle B is 64 times greater than the area of triangle A how much greater is the perimeter of triangle B?

IF triangles 'A' and 'B' are similar (they both have the same angles),then the perimeter of 'B' is 8 times the perimeter of 'A'.If they're not similar, then the ratio of areas doesn't tell you the ratioof perimeters.

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