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There are an infinity of numbers and each one has its square...

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Q: What are all the squared numbers?
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What could be the possible 'one's'digits of square root of 99856?

When you square a number, the final digit is the final digit of the 'one's' number squared. Since the only single digit numbers squared which ends in 6 are 4 and 6, the answer is either 4 or 6 (a calculator tells me it is 6) 0 squared is 0. All numbers ending in 0 when squared will end in 0. 1 squared is 1. All numbers ending in 1 when squared will also end in 1. 2 squared is 4. All numbers ending in 2 when squared will end in 4. 3 squared is 9. All numbers ending in 3 when squared will end in 9. 4 squared is 16. All numbers ending in 4 when squared will end in 6. 5 squared is 25. All numbers ending in 5 when squared will end in 5. 6 squared is 36. All numbers ending in 6 when squared will end in 6. 7 squared is 49. All numbers ending in 7 when squared will end in 9. 8 squared is 64. All numbers ending in 8 when squared will end in 4. 9 squared is 81. All numbers ending in 9 when squared will end in 1. So square numbers can only end with 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 or 9.

What are all the squared numbers to 15 squared?


What are all squared prime numbers?

It is impossible to list all squared prime numbers as there is an infinite number of squared prime numbers starting with 4, 9, 25, 49, 121, 169, 289, 361, 529, 841,...

Are all squared numbers composite numbers?

Yes. Except for square of 1.

Can all squared numbers be made by adding consecutive odd numbers?


Negative 1 squared in parenthesis?

(-1)2=1 all squared numbers turn out positive and 12=1 (-1)2=1 all squared numbers turn out positive and 12=1

What are all the numbers that give 7.29 when squared?

+ 2.7 and - 2.7

What are the ten squared numbers?

0.01 and 100 are the only ten squared numbers.

Is 196 squared a rational number?

All integers are rational numbers.

What are all the squared numbers from 1 to fifteen?

1, 4 and 9

A B and C are all squared numbers. A b also a c and b c make squared numbers what are A B and c?

ab x ac = ab - ac

Is there any odd numbers that are square?

yes 9 25 49 81 121 All odd numbers squared are odd numbers

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