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26, 43, 82, 64 and √4096.

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Q: What are five ways to write 64?
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What are five ways to write the number 64?

write five names for 64

Write five names for 64?

many names for noumber . write five names for 64.

Use exponents to write 64 three different ways?

They can be: 43 = 64, 82 = 64 and 26 = 64

What are two ways to write 64 as exponents?

82 and 43

How can you write the ratio 64 in three different ways?

It is 64/1, 640/10 and 64064/1001.

How do you write sixty four and five tenths?

64 5/10

How do you write three million and five?

There are 2 ways to write it: Three million and five or 3 000 005

How do you write 64 percent two different ways?

32/50 or 0.64

What are the three ways you can write 64?

2^6, 4^3, 8^2

What are the only ways to write twenty five as a percent?


How do you write 142 five different ways?

You can write 142 the following ways: 142...124...214...241...412...421.

How do i write five and five tenths?

There are 2 ways to write it, 5.5 or 5 5/10 which is equal to 5 1/2.

What are the three ways to write five ninths?

Five ninths 5/9 0.55 repeating

How do you write seventy five cents two ways?

75¢ or $0.75

How many ways you can write 3 letters on a tag using each of the letters abcd with repetition?

4*4*4 = 64 ways.

How do you write 5.229 in words?

There are a couple of ways to write 5.229: Five point two two nine Five and two hundred twenty-nine thousandths

How many ways can you write 5.25 million?

Five and a quarter million. Five point two five million. 5250000 5,250,000 5.25x107

How do you write out 5.75 million in words?

There are two ways of writing this:Five point seven five millionFive million 750 thousand

How do you write 5.667 in words?

There are a couple of different ways to write 5.667: Five point six six seven Five and six hundred sixty-seven thousandths

How do you write 64 hundredths?


What are three different ways to write 64 in exponential form?

8^2, 4^3, 2^6

What are two ways to write 5p in words?

The product of five and the variable p. Five is multiplied by an unknown represented by p.

Five ways to write -12?

12, A dozen add more please

How do you write five hundred twelve thousandths?

Five hundred twelve one-thousandths is 512/1,000, which reduces to 64/125 or 0.512.

How would you write 64 percent?