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Fifteen 15th xv vxx

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Q: What are four names for fifteen?
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Related questions

What are four names for the number 15?

15, fifteen, five-teen, freshman

What are four names for 15?

fifteen fif-teen 15

How do you write 15409 in words form?

The number 15409 in words is: Fifteen thousand, four hundred and nine.

What is four sevenths increased by fifteen?

Four-Sevenths would be equal to 15.5714286.

How many howers and mins from 12 to 15 pster4?

If that's fifteen past four, then the answer is four hours and fifteen minutes.

How do you write 15.64 in word form?

Fifteen and sixty-four hundredths

What is four fifteen in spanish?

Cuatro Quince

What is four fifths of fifteen?


What is four ninths of fifteen?


What is 4.15 in word form?

four point one five or four and fifteen hundredths or in currency four dollars and fifteen cents

Is fifteen over seventeen greater than four over seventeen?

Whether you are counting people, cookies, books, seventeenths, etc., fifteen is greater than four.

How do you write 15409 in word fform?

In words, 15,409 is fifteen thousand, four hundred and nine.

What is the decimal of four and fifteen hundredths?


What is 15.004 in words?

Fifteen and four thousandths.

How do you write 27386415 in words?

Twenty-seven million, three hundred eighty-six thousand, four hundred fifteen.

How do you spell 15.45?

15.45 in time can be spelled as fifteen forty-five or quarter to four. In basic number terms it can be spelled as fifteen point four five.

How do you write 415394?

four hundred and fifteen thousand, three hundred and ninety-four

What is four fifteens the same as?

Since four fifteens means four sets of fifteen, four times 15 makes 60.

What is 15406.901 in word form?

Fifteen thousand, four hundred six and nine hundred one thousandths.

What is 15400000000000000000000000?

fifteen septillion four hundred sextillion

How do you say four fifteen in Spanish?

Translation: Cuatro y cuarto.

What is fifteen and four tenths in decimal form?


What is 15.004 in word form?

Fifteen and four thousandths.

What is 15.64 in words?

fifteen and sixty-four hundredths

What are five names for the number 15?

15, fifteen, 15/1, 15.00, and 15 x 1