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They are equivalent ratios.

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Q: What are ratios that are equal and simplify to the same ratio?
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What is the difference between equal ratios and equivalent ratios?

To write equal ratios multiply both terms by the same number or divided both terms. For example, 2/ 9 is a ratio equal ratio will be 4/18. There is no difference between equal ratios and equivalent ratios.

How can you use constant ratios to determine if a relationship is proportional?

set up a proportion and see if both sides simplify to the same answer. If the 2 ratios represent a constant ratio they will simplify into fractions

What are ratios that are equivalent?

any fractions that are equivalent are also equal ratios as a ratio and a fraction are pretty much the same thing.

What is the ratio of 51 and 36?

You can write this as 51:36.Note: You can simplify ratios the same way you simplify fractions; that is, if you find a number that is a factor of BOTH numbers, you can divide both numbers by that factor, to get an equivalent ratio.

Two ratios that have the same value?

Equivaltent Ratios

Is 4 to 16 equal to 10 to 40?

Yes, if you simplify them down you will get the same ratio. 1:4

What value is equal to the ratios of 8 to3 and n to 9?

ratio 8:3 same as 24:9

What is two ratio that have the same value?

Equivalent Ratios

When ratios have the same units we call that ratio?

A proportion.

Why are predicted ratios rarely the same as actual ratios?

They Are Rarely The Same Because With Predicted Ratios Its Just A Guess But With A Actual Ratio You Have Accurate Answers .

What do you call 2 ratios that have the same value?

equivalent ratio

Simplify the ratio 5.6 to 10.4?

the ratio of 1.4 to 2.6 ------is the same as 5.6 to 10.4

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