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Simultaneous equations are where you have multiple equations, often coupled with multiple variables. An example would be x+y=2, x-y=2. To solve for x and y, both equations would have to be used simultaneously.

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Q: What are simultaneous equation in maths?
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When to use simultaneous method in indices maths?

For a complete guide on when to use simultaneous method in indices maths visit

Why do you need pivoting in maths?

You are given a system of n or more simultaneous linear equations involving n unknowns. Pick one of the unknowns, called the pivot variable. Find an equation in which it appears, called the pivot equation.

What is the name of a mathematics equation with two equations?

A simultaneous equation

Can you help me with this simultaneous equation 2x y4 y2x²-x 3?

No because it's not a simultaneous equation but some kind of algebraic expression

Simultaneous equation 2x-2y equals 10?

Simultaneous suggests at least two equations.

What is the simultaneous equation for 2x plus 5y equals 20?

Another straight line equation is needed such that both simultaneous equations will intersect at one point.

What equations are helpful in GCSE further maths?

Quadratic, simultaneous and straight line equations

What is idetical equation in math?

simultaneous equations have identical solutions

What is an equation that have the same solutions?

Simultaneous equations have the same solutions.

How can you do a simultaneous equation in maths?

Simultaneous Equations are very helpful because it can help u solve problems in real life. There are 2 ways to approach a simultaneous equation, Substitution and elimination method. As a good practice it is always good to practice your substitution method first. I wont go too advance for now but consider this question; Find two numbers whose sum is 21 and difference is 9. This question requires 2 equation to solve; thus it is call simultaneous equation. Solve: Let x be a number, and Let y be another number. x + y = 21 equation 1 x - y = 9 equation 2 Rearrange equation 2 to make equation 3(Equation 3 is just to sub into the other eqs) x = 9 + y equation 3 Sub equation 3 into 1 (9 + y) + y = 21 9 + 2y = 21 2y = 12 y = 6 First solution! Sub y = 6 into equation 2 x - 6 = 9 x = 15 Second Solution! Therefore, the numbers are 15 and 6. In a simultaneous equation (with 2 variable) there will always be 2 answers. Good luck and hope this help.

What is difference in maths?

The answer in a subtraction equation.

Two or more linear equations together form a?

Simultaneous equation