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Q: What are some examples of dishonesty in daily life?
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What are some examples of philosophy in daily life?

God, Religion, Politics, Science, and Debate are all examples of philosophy in daily life.

What are some examples of cube from daily life?


What are Daily life applications of real numbers?

There are many examples of daily life applications of real numbers. Some of these examples include clocks and calendars.

Some examples of geometrical shapes in daily life?


How you can apply dependent and independent variable in your daily life give some examples?

well dependent is when you are are NOT independent so in your daily life you could just have S.E.X and then that is how you become non independent

What are daily life examples of compounds?

Some examples of compounds are water, table salt, table sugar, chalk remover, rubber, acetone, caffeine etc.

What are some famous examples of honesty?

Lincoln: for always telling the truth.Ablus Dumbledore:for being great for the good., and enslaving muggles, and didnt say mudblood.

How many basic emotions do humans have?

Humans have large number fo emotions in daily life. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, curiosity etc are some of its examples

What are some real life examples of cylinders?

some real life examples are a water bottle, pipes, cans

What are some newspapers in London England?

The Times; The Daily Telegraph; the Daily Mail; the Daily Express; the Mirror & the Sun are examples of British newspapers.

What are some inorganic compounds used in daily life?

water and salt are some examples of inorganic compounds that we can use in our daily lives. because both of them do not have carbons. water=H2O. salt=NaCl or sodium chloride. Inorganic Compound subo tite and kantot me

List areas in daily life where you interact with computer?

list some areas in daily life where you interact with computers