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There are many examples of daily life applications of real numbers. Some of these examples include clocks and calendars.

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Q: What are Daily life applications of real numbers?
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How do you use real numbers in daily life?

For computations and Measurement ;))

How will you relate real numbers in your daily life?

u can see the numbers in the clocks, calendars etc. it is very helpful to us.

What are real life applications of real number system?

shopping, travel, measurements and money are the real life applications of real number system.

What are the Examples of real numbers in daily life?

every number is a real number....except imaginary.......and this is the amin reason for we can say that real number is real because its not imaginary....

How important is the real numbers in your daily life?

Virtually every number in one's daily life is a real number. The only exceptions occurwhen an individual is a mathematician, a Physicist, or an electrical engineer workingwith AC.So considering the population as a whole, it's nearly correct to say that the real numbershave all of the importance, and no non-real numbers are important at all.

What are some applications of differentiation in real life?

Yes if it was not practical it was not there. You can see the real life use on this link

What is the application of analytic geometry in real life?

in real life what are applications of alanlytical geometry

Real life application to the reciprocal function?

There are no real life applications of reciprocal functions

What is the importance of whole numbers in real life?

Daily transactions, calculations are very easy to work out by all irrespective of literacy.

Applications of real numbers in architecture?

Try the link below.

What are Real life applications of translations in maths?

an elevator

What are the real life applications of gaussian elimination?