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some jobs that acquire square roots and squared numbers are physicist and architect

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Q: What are some jobs or careers that involve using square roots?
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What the square roots of -256?

There are no real square roots of -256. But using complex numbers the square roots of -256 are 16i and -16i.

What careers involve carbon 14?

The Careers involved in using carbon 14 is medical procedures and radiocarbonDating to determine the age of previously living animals and plants.

What are the 4 quadratic equations?

actoring, using the square roots, completing the square and the quadratic formula.

What can be done using Napier's bones?

Multiplication, division and square roots.

What sports involve using squares?

Four-square, the game where you try to get people out by bouncing the ball in their square.

How do you find square roots of 784?

Using a calculator is one way and it is 28

What careers involve carbon-14?

There are many careers that involve using carbon-14. Some of them are landscape management, gardeners, botanists, horticulturists, agriculturists, and marine biologists.

How many square roots do negative numbers have?

Negative numbers do not have "real number" square roots.However, they will have two roots (when using imaginary numbers) as do other numbers, where a root including i(square root of -1) is positive or negative.

How is combining like terms similar to adding and subtracting square roots?

In surd form, square roots need to be have the same radical term before you can add or subtract them. However, unlike in algebraic expressions, it is possible to add or subtract square roots using approximate (decimal) values.

What form is the solving for the roots of quadratic equations?

Using the quadratic equation formula or completing the square

How do you formulate quadratic equation that can be solve by extracting square roots?

By using the quadratic equation formula

Can the answer to a quadratic equation be a decimal?

Yes. You can calculate the two roots of a quadratic equation by using the quadratic formula, and because there are square roots on the quadratic formula, and if the radicand is not a perfect square, so the answer to that equation has decimal.