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Liters, gallons, cups, pints, demijohns. Kilometers^3

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Q: What are some units used for volume?
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What is the mass of a substance with a density of 8787 ten thousandths and a volume of 1300 ten thousandths?

Density = 0.8787 units of density measured in some units of mass and some units of volume Volume = 0.1300 units of volume Mass = Volume*Density adjusted for any conversion factor for differences in the units used for mass and volume - none of which have been specified.

Units for measuring volume?

There are so many units for measuring volume that are commonly used. Some of these units include litres, pints, gallons and so much more.

What units are used to find volume?

cubic units

Which units are used to measure volume?

Milliliter, liter, and centimeter are the units that are used to measure volume. This is used primarily for liquids.

What units are used to express the volume of solid things?

for the volume of the solid things the units which are generally used are : cubic meter =m3 and cubic centimeter=cc

Units used to measure volume?

L, mL, cm3, m3 are the most commonly used units to measure volume.

What Units is used to express volume?

Litre is a unit used to express volume

What is used to measured volume?

Volume is measured in cubic units.

What are the most used units for the volume of a solid object?

the most used units for the volume of a solid object are :m3, dm3, and cm3.

What units are used mostly to measure the volume of solids?

They are cubic units

What two units are used to express volume?

Some units are the cubic meter, the cubic decimeter (= liter) and the cubic centimeter (= milliliter).

What units are used to express volume?


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