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prices such as..... $8.98

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Q: What are some ways that decimals are used in real life?
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Were do you use decimals in life?

Decimals are used in money. There is a real difference between a 1.99 and 199.00.

Where are decimals used in the real world?


How do you use decimals in daily life?

Well, decimals can be used for voting.

How are decimals part of your daily life?

decimals are a part of our daily life because they are used to separate dollars from cents.

What are 5 ways to use decimals in everyday life?

Decimals are used when you are displaying a stop watch and time. Decimals are used you are counting money. They are used when gas stations display gas prices. They are used on receipts for purchases. They are also used when you are telling someone's weight.

How or where is buoyancy used in real life?

Buoyancy is used for many life examples, submarines, swimmers would like to know about it, and the army would use it. Those are some life examples that of real life that buoyancy would be used! Hope this helps!

What are some examples of real life situations where addition of fractions are used?


Are proportions used in real life?

Proportions are used in real life to determine prices of things.

Why is important to know how to convert a fraction to a decimal?

Knowing how to convert a fraction to a decimal is important because it allows for easier comparison and calculation. Decimals are the standard format used in most mathematical operations, so converting fractions to decimals allows for more accurate calculations and easier understanding of numerical relationships. Additionally, decimals are often used in real-life applications, such as money and measurements, so being able to convert fractions to decimals is practical and useful in everyday life.

Are all the weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Campaign used in real war?

Yes, they are all used in real life warfare. Although some are not currently used such as the Model 1887.

When are decimals used?

decimals are used when you have part of a whole for examle .362598798 is part of a whole

Are decimals used in probability?

Yes decimals are used in probability; also percent and odds.