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4 x 4

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Q: What are some ways to draw a square with a perimeter of 16inches?
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How do you finde a perimeter of a square inside a square knowing the perimeter of the outer square?

There must be some distances given between the outer square and the inner square... We'll then decrease the differences from the side of the outer square in order to get the side of the inner square. Thus, we can find the perimeter of the inner square as well.

Can you draw a square that is not a paralellogram?

No, but you can draw a parallelogram that is not a square. All squares are parallelograms, but only some parallelograms are squares.

Can a shape have an perimeter numerically twice the size of the area?

Some do: a square 2 units on a side, for example, has area 4 units, perimeter 8.

Draw a square with 3 lines?

It is not possible without some form of trickery.

Is a square hollow?

A square is a two-dimensional figure. The line segments that are its perimeter enclose a given area. This area might be considered the "inside" of the square, and might, in some sense, allow the square to be considered hollow.

What is the point in square pizzas?

Some kids eat pizza if it's different sizes and shapes, also it is bigger in perimeter and area.

How do you draw manga eyes easily?

Well first draw a kind of square/circle. Now draw some eyelashes that go out in the shape of the to of the square/circle. Also the eyelashes vary through boys and girls. Now draw a fat circle in the eye. In that draw some light marks, you know when the light comes in your eye? Draw a skinny circle and then a smaller circle. now colour in the rest in black in light and dark according to your light in the picture. now you should be done.

How do you draw a mammoth?

First draw an elephant, then add hair! To draw a mammoth draw an oval, then four squares coming out the bottom of the oval. Erase the lines that separate the square from the oval. Draw a circle on the top right side of the oval, for the head, then draw a squiggly line for the trunk. Draw some fur on top of the head. Draw the eyes (two circles) add some squiggles for fur. Smooth out the lines, and add shading.

How do you draw a square with area of 9 square units and perimeter of 12 units?

You only need to guarantee one of those numbers. Whichever one you choose,the other one will also be true.When we read that question, we worry. Anyone who needs the answer to that questionreally ought to know how to answer it on his own.Here are two facts about squares that will help you answer the question.If you don't already know them, then you need to sit down with a teacheror another adult who knows some math, and get a few things straight. Thelonger you put it off, the tougher it will be when you do get around to it.-- Area of a square = (length) times (width)But the length and width of a square are the same, so Area = (side) times (side)-- Perimeter of a square is (length) + (width) + (length) + (width)But the length and width of a square are the same, so Perimeter = 4 times one side.You can take it from there, Champ !

How to find perimeter?

In order to find the perimeter you need to know how to add of course like if you have a square and the area is 11.6 you have to add up all the sides in a aquare which is 4 then you add 11.6 four times which gives you the answers of 46.4If you want to find the perimeter, you just have to add the the sides together. For example, if you are measuring the perimeter for a square (with equal sides) then you just have to find the length for one side and multiply it by four. If you want to do it for an irregular square, then you add the length of the sides together. In algebra, they sometimes make you find the length of a side giving you the whole perimeter and the measurement of one or a few other sides, but they might leave one side as x or y or any other variable. You can find the perimeter for any shape. Perimeter is also shown in word problems. Most of the time, they represent perimeter by a fence. Some people mistake perimeter and area. Just remember, area is the inside and perimeter is the outside. I hope I helped!

Do all rectangles with the same perimeter have the same area?

No. Here are four rectangles with the same perimeter:1 by 6 . . . . . perimeter = 14, area = 62 by 5 . . . . . perimeter = 14, area = 103 by 4 . . . . . perimeter = 14, area = 1231/2 by 31/2 . . perimeter = 14, area = 121/4With all the same perimeter . . . -- The nearer it is to being square, the more area it has.-- The longer and skinnier it is, the less area it has. If somebody gives you some wire fence and tells you to put it uparound the most possible area, your first choice is to put it up ina circle, and your second choice is to put it up in a square. Rectanglesare out, if you can avoid them.

What has a bigger area a square or a circle with a 42 centimeter perimeter?

Beautiful problem !The circle has more area.If you have a circle and a square, with the circumference of the circle equal tothe perimeter of the square, then the area of the circle is always(4/pi) = 1.27324times as much as the area of the square.If you have some length of fence in your warehouse, the most land you canenclose with it is to set it up in a circle.

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