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It is not possible without some form of trickery.

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Q: Draw a square with 3 lines?
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Can you draw a square with 3 lines?

you draw a square with 3 lines inside it.

How can you draw squares divided into eights?

draw a square and then draw 7 lines in it

How do you draw a toaster?

You can try using a grid, take a picture of the toaster, Draw lines across the paper perfectly, put those lines on a bigger piece of paper(enlarging the lines) and draw square by square.

How do you make a rectangle with 3 lines?

Draw a rectangle and draw three lines in it.... Firstly, draw 3 lines and divide one line into two...then it will easy to draw a rectangle...

Is it possible to draw a rectangle with three lines?

Yes,it is given that draw a rectangle with 3 lines so..1st draw a rectangle then put 3 lines inside in it....!!

How to divide a square into three equal parts?

Draw 2 parallel lines which will result in 3 equal rectangles within the same square.

How do you draw square with 6 lines?

Use four to make a normal square and put two lines on top of another

Can you draw a square with only 2 lines?

2 straight lines? no :( but if you bend the lines, yes you can :D

How do you connect 3 circles and 3 squares with 9 lines?

draw lines and connect them

How do you draw a quadrilateral that has exactly 2 perpendicular lines?

make a square

How do you connect 16 dots in a square using 6 lines?

Draw a square around the outer edge of the dots. Draw an X from opposing corners. Six lines, no dots omitted from a line.

How do you divide a square into eights three different ways?

put a line in the middle and draw 3 lines going left and right

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