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It is a foot to the second power

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Q: What are square footings?
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What is a 3-4-5 rule in naking sure its square?

what measurement do you use to perform check footings levels

What is the minimum distance between lift footings and regular footings?


How far apart are footings?

Footings will differ based upon the type of project. Most footings, if building a deck for example, should be about six feet apart.

How deep should footings be in Wisconsin?

It is recommended that footings in the Wisconsin area be 48" for most buildings. This is because of the deep frost that can occur in harsh Wisconsin winters.

Why is it necessary to step footings on a sloping site?

Footings, the concrete pads upon which foundation walls are built, must be located beneath the frost line in order to prevent a building from heaving when the ground freezes. If the site is sloped maintaining a constant elevation for the footings would either cause the footings to be above the frost line or significantly deeper than the frost line at one end of the building. Stepping the footings enables them to follow the slope of the site and remain below the frost line without going too deep under the ground. It allows the foundation wall heights to be minimized because the footings are kept as close to the surface as possible.

Difference between mat foundation and isolated footing?

Isolated footings are constructed invidually & Mat foundation is making of mat and connecting all footings with this mat

How deep for footings?

Bldg code requirements vary with locale.

Why is a L provided for column reinforcement in footings?

foundation reinforcement

Where do you place the tie beams in a building foundation?

connecting between footings

For made ground where should the footings be founded?

Generally, footings will be founded on soil or rock head below any made ground, usually on or in the first soil strata that has been established to provide suitable bearing capacity.

Why sloped footings are provided in foundations?

If you mean stepped footings this is used if the structure is being built on a hill / slope. I stay in Scotland some of terms in construction can be different

What are the details of foundation footings on black cotton soil?

under reamed piles

How many types of footings and foundations use in construction?

im not gonna tell u

How do you measure area for cubic yards for concrete footings?

Length x Width x Depth

How deep is frost line in Maryland?

Section R-403.1.4 is amended to read as follows: "Minimum Depth." All exterior footings and foundation systems shall extend below the frost line. All exterior footings shall be placed at Thirty (30) inches below the undisturbed ground.

How much concrete is needed for a 10x28 patio?

One yard of concrete will cover approximately 90 square feet at a depth of 3-1/2". At an even 3-1/2", you will need just over 3 yards. This does not allow for any footings, turndowns, or a thicker slab.

What is a construction former?

This term may be referring to a carpenter who "forms" concrete. That is setting forms to place concrete into for walls, floors, footings and such.

How much concrete is needed for 1050 sq ft foundation?

It depends on the thickness and width of the footings and the thickness and height of the foundation walls.

What is the frost depth for Maryland?

Frost line here in Maryland is 24 inches. Foundations are normally dug to 30" where the footings are poured.

How much concrete would it take for footings 42'' down 8 wide and 24'x24' for a garage?

9 cubic yards

What is the strap beam?

A strap beam is a beam that connects two foundation footings toghether (needs structural study to see whether to put a STB or not)...

How deep is the frost line in Phillips Wisconsin?

Your local building council should have that. You can call them and ask how deep does the footings have to be - which will actually be below the frost line.

How deep should the footings be for a totem pole in relation to its height?

The usual formula is this; for every foot above ground you put 1/2 foot in the ground.

HOW to build roof for the deck?

Use care, footings/base may not be up to code to carry the weight of roof (plus snow and ice up here in the north).

What is a pedestal in a footing?

A pedestal in a footing carries the load from the metal column to the footings below ground. The pedestal touches the ground so the metal does not come in contact with the soil.