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Q: What are the 3 different trackballs?
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What is the 3 common variants of mouse?

Track pads , Trackballs and Pointer

What are the advantages of trackballs?

It can sometimes help you to do things in the computer

What are some highly rated trackballs?

According to the Amazon website, there are many trackballs with high ratings. Some brand names with the best ratings include Logitech, Microsoft, and Kensington.

What is Trackballs?

Trackball to my understanding is the ball under the manual Mice which is use to move the pointer.

Capacity of a trackball?

Trackballs don't have capacity. They are not a storage medium. Did you intend to ask something else?

What is another name for computer mouse?

Pointing device (device class including trackpoints and trackballs).

What is meant by computer peripherals?

Printers, scanners, external drives, mouse, trackballs, keyboards, etc.

What are the variants of a computer mouse?

The variants of computer mouse are: Track pads Trackballs and pointer Integrated Pointing Device

Which hardware is used to select links?

A pointing device.There are many different types of pointing devices: mice (probably most common), touchpads (common on laptops), touchscreens (on tablets), trackballs (getting rare), lightguns (generally obsolete), etc.

Why trackball is expensive?

Trackballs are more expensive than traditional mice because they are far less popular. They are a niche market which are often use them their entire lives.

Does an optical mouse need only software on computer?

Usually an optical mouse will be happy using the plain, generic mouse driver your operating system provides. There's nothing actually different about how the mouse talks to your computer just because it's optical. The optical data is for the mouse to process, not your computer, jusy as it was when there were trackballs in the devices.

How often do blackberry cell phones break?

That depends on how rough you may be with one. I have seen Blackberry cell phones with broken cases, broken screen covers, missing trackballs and/or keys, etc.