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Length: meter

Math: I guess you mean "mass". That would be the kilogram.

Volume: cubic meter

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What is the volume of a right circular cone that has a radius of 3 units and a height of 9 units?

The formula for the volume of a right cone (and pyramid) is 1/3 base x height, therefore the volume of this cone is :Base = 3 x 3 x piHeight = 9Volume = 27 x pi, or roughly 84.8 units squaredNote: On a math test or quiz, you will lose marks for not saying units squared.

What is volume capacity?

volume and capacity is math

What is a cubic unit in math?

A cubic unit is a measure of volume. It is equal to the volume of a cube, which is 1 unit tall, 1 unit wide and 1 unit long. If you are in abstract math then it's just called cubic units. In the real world, you can have cubic centimeters, cubic feet, cubic inches, to represent volume.

What is a volume that involves with math and in cylinders?

Volume of a cylinder = pi * radius2 * cylinder height pi = 3.141592654 approx. radius and height in same units ( cms , metres , inches etc. ) result in cubic units ( cu cms , cu m , cu ins etc. )

What type of math does an environmental scientist use?

triginometrical units of math and calculometry

What does square units mean in math?

unit x unit = square units

What is a solid figure that has a volume of 10 cubic units?

Hello I'm a math teacher in high school and I'm sorry I'm giving the answer but it is a cube.

How do you do the math to find the density of a mineral?

You take the mass of the object in grams, and divide it by the volume of the object in Liters(Litres), and you get Density with the units of grams per liter(litre). The gram and Liter(Litre) can be substituted for other SI (metric) units of mass and volume, so long as the mass unit is the numerator and the volume unit is the denominator of the rate. The formula becomes Density = Mass / Volume or D = M/V.

What is a volume?

The volume is the units in a shape or a type of object your working with. It is mainly units in a box, so you would count the boxes and if there would 2 shapes or math objects in a problem you would count the first units in the first shape or object and count them and then you would take the second units of the 2nd object and count them all together! If your question is 2.5 cm and 13cm the it would be, 130 plus 205 then it would be 335.

What is the volume of a CD?

I have the same question it is for math in my school and i was wondering what? the volume was?

What is volume in math for kids?

volume is how much the object takes up

How can you use math in astrology?

You use math in astronomy to measure the amount of astronomical units(150,000,000 km). Such as, the Earth is 1.5 astronomical units away from the sun.

What is am example of an area in math?

A rectangle with a width of 3 units and a length of 4 units has an area of 12 square units.

Define volume math terms?

What does volume mean on newsletters? Volume 1, Issue 5. When does it become volume 2?

What is the math term for volume?

The answer to the volume term is the amount of square area in perimeter

The math formula to determine volume?

the volume to find volume is Length X Width X Height

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