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All of them since, by definition, they are part of daily life!

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Q: What are the activities that can be shown for daily life with reference to daily life?
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Use of ratio and proportion in daily life?

A large proportion of my daily activities are spent in school.

What are the uses of acid in your daily life?

fruits contain acids which r useful for our daily activities

How does complete blindness affect a person daily life?

It affects ADL ie activities of daily living.

What was the daily life like of the events in santa Clara?

Regimented, with a rigid schedule for the daily and religious activities.

How beninese use sculpture in their daily life activities?

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How do carbohydrates impact your daily life?

they provide us energy for ou daily activities of life. bcz carbohydrates are the instant source of energy..

Function of talking in your daily life?

Talking in your daily life serves to provide opportunities for social activities. It also serves as a source of pertinent information that is necessary for life.

What is shariah how does it relate to muslim daily life?

Shariah relates to Muslim daily life in that it is the reference for all Muslim behaviors, conduct, worships, and what is allowed and not allowed.

What are simple body activities that show the coordinated function of the skeletal muscular system?

Running, walking, any activities that we do in our daily life.

What is the daily life in Monaco like?

The daily life in Monaco depends with the occupation of a person. It is a 24 hour city with commercial activities taking place day and night.

What is the activity of daily living?

Activities of daily living are things you do every day to maintain your life. They include washing, brushing your hair and brushing your teeth.

Which component of physical fitness helps with daily life activities and protects bones and joints?

Muscle strength

What was daily life like in the 13 colonies?

Daily life in the 13 colonies was spent performing tasks associated with daily living. It included raising food, making clothing, cutting wood. It also included time for social and religious activities.

who Study this Song dynasty painting depicting daily life. The social interaction shown in the house in this painting illustrates a key principle from which Chinese philosophy?


Which component of physical fitness helps with daily-life activities and protects bones and joints?

Muscle strength

Has all of the items necessary to carry out lifes activities?

A cell contains all the important items to do daily life activities. It is the fundamental unit of all living organisms.

Why is chemistry relevant to your daily life?

because there is a lot to discover,and the nature has only shown us 1.55% of its reserve...there is a lot to do

Daily life as a Jehovahs Witnesses?

Daily life as a Jehovah's Witnesses is not much different from the daily life of most people of the community in which they live. They work, shop, go to school, pay their bills... they relax, socialize with friends and family and engage in other everyday activities of life. What would be somewhat exceptional is they also make time for spiritual activities such as reading their bibles daily, prayer and meditation as well as participating in their ministry of spreading the gospel. They also have 2 weekly bible study services (meetings).

How is science applied in your daily life activities?

Just about everything relates to physics, nothing is magic, everything happens for a reason

What activities did dsmaterial hold in the daily life to reduce the stress of employees?

Dancing before work everyday. Some developping activities are often held in the outdoor to make a better comunication.

How is chemistry in your daily life activity?

All the activities that goes around EVERYTHING you can see, feel etc are chemical reactions occurring in them.

How does Islam affect your daily life?

Islam affects daily life because Muslims must pray 5 times a day which can get in the way of school, work and other activities. They also must pray everyday at lunchtime. Hope this helps!

Compounds in daily life?

compound are use for our daily life because it is our basic needs in our daily life

How do you apply the concept of management in our daily or routinary activities?

Good managers are able to communicate effectively with the people around them, motivate them, and delegate tasks efficiently. All of these skills can be applied to daily life.

What did the Inca do in daily life?

inas daily life