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ambot cniu nmang kot gnie kmu. . . . . . . . .

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Q: What are the advantage and disadvantage of using factoring in finding solutions in quadratic equation?
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Why is factoring a valuable tool for solving quadratic equations?

In some simple cases, factoring allows you to find solutions to a quadratic equations easily.Factoring works best when the solutions are integers or simple rational numbers. Factoring is useless if the solutions are irrational or complex numbers. With rational numbers which are relatively complicated (large numerators and denominators) factoring may not offer much of an advantage.

How do you find the number of solutions in a quadratic equation?

Factoring by the AC method, difference of squares, perfect square trinomial. If not factorable by those ways, you can use the quadratic formula. You can also find zeros by synthetic division. If there are not any real solutions, then the solutions are said to be complex, they do not cross the x axis.

What do you use the quadratic formula for?

One would use the quadratic formula for solving binomials that are otherwise hard to factor. You can find both real and imaginary solutions using this method, making it highly superior to factoring in this regard.

How many real solutions does a quadratic equation have if its discriminant is negative?

The quadratic has no real solutions.

What is the quadratic formula used for?

The quadratic formula is used all the time to solve quadratic equations, often when the factors are fractions or decimals but sometimes as the first choice of solving method. The quadratic formula is sometimes faster than completing the square or any other factoring methods. Quadratic formula find: -x-intercept -where the parabola cross the x-axis -roots -solutions

How many real solutions can the quadratic formula give?

A quadratic equation can have either two real solutions or no real solutions.

What is true about the solutions of a quadratic equation when the radicand of the quadratic formula is a perfect square?

The two solutions are coincident.

Can a quadratic have three solutions?


Why quadratic equations have two solutions?

If the discriminant of b2-4ac of the quadratic equation is greater the 0 then it will have 2 solutions.

Can some solutions of factoring be wrong?


What is the solution of rational equations reducible to quadratic?

They are the solutions for the reduced quadratic.

What is quadratic linear function?

It is a quadratic equation that normally has two solutions