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Q: What are the components of a scientific graph?
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Is a scientific calculator the same as a graph calculator?


What are the 5 components of a good graph?

The 5 components of a good graph are... 1. Independent variable 2. Dependent variable 3. Trend line 4. Graph title 5.To have equal intervals or spaces in-between numbers on a grid

Why are the components of investigation?

scientific method

What goes on the vertical line on a scientific graph?

The y intercept

What are necessary components for a graph of a proportional relationship?

If the scales on the two axes are linear, then the graph must be a straight line through the origin which is not one of the axes..

What type of elements are components of these scientific mirrors?


How do I split the mixed costs into their fixed and variable components using a scatter graph?

You can split the mixed costs into the fixed and variable components using a scatter graph by assigning the fixed variable to the x axis and the variable component to the y axis.

What are the main components of a graph?

The x-axis, which is the dependent variable, and the y-axis, which is the independent variable.

How does the graph vary between voltage and current?

If the graph is for Ohmic components e.g resistor or wires -Constant gradient -V is proportional to I The second graph is for Non-Ohmic components e.g Filament lamps/diodes -(v is NOT proportional to I) -Gradient is high at the origin (0,0) and low at the top due to an increase in resistance Hope this helps!! I couldn't put the pictures on, but just google a Filament lamp graph and they will come up :)

What are the 5 essential components parts to a simple scientific experiment?

Questioning, observing, forming an hypothesis, choosing a study method, and analyzing results are five essential components of a simple scientific experiment. They are used in high school classrooms and scientific laboratories.

What is scientific about TV?

All of the components that comprise a television set are developed due to scientific discoveries. TV as a medium, is scientific when showing programs about science.

What two components are found in all scientific studies?

Observing and examining