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what are the different networking topologies?

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Q: What are the different networking topologies?
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What are three topologies for networking?

There is actually more than three topologies for networking. Network topologies are categorized into the following basic types: * bus * ring * star * tree * mesh More complex networks can be built as hybrids of two or more of the above basic topologies.

What is the significance of topologies?

Topologies refer to the way networks are connected. Different topologies have different advantages.

Different types of topologies?

Different types of Networking topologies are 1] Bus topolgy 2] Ring topology 3] Mesh topology 4] Hibrid topology

Topologies of computer networking?

There are mainly four topologies namely : 1) Mesh topology 2) Star topology 3) Bus topology 4) Ring topology

What is the topology in computer networking?

There are several common topologies available for computer networking. The most common is the star topology. In this topology, nodes connect to a hub, switch or router which connects them to other nodes. Other common topologies are bus and ring.

List any four topologies used for networking purpose?

Bus, Mesh, Star, Ring.

What are the merits of computer networking?

1) Helps you to exchange information with the computers within the same network 2) Have different topologies With certain merits and demerits 3) Makes communication easy.

Can both networking approaches be implemented in every network topology?

Both? There are more than two network topologies available.

What are the types of topologies networking?

There are for basic network topologies: Star (arcnet) topology Bus(ethernet) topology Ring network topology Mesh network topology

What is the access method for star topologies?

Most star topologies use CSMA/CD for a Local Area Network. WANs and MANs are different and use completely different access methods.

What are the different kinds of network topologies?


What is computer topology?

Computers can be interconnected in different ways to form a network. Such different ways of interconneconnection are called computer topologies. There are 5 topologies. They are: * BUS TOPOLOGY * RING TOPOLOGY * STAR TOPOLOGY * MESH TOPOLOGY * TREE TOPOLOGY

What are the different types of computer networks and network topologies?

Star network,ring network,tree network,bus network

What is true concerning physical and logical topologies?

Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes.

What kind of topologies are good choices for highly available enterprise networks?

Mesh topologies and SONET rings.

What is the definition of concept network?

A network or the network's layout. How different nodes in a network are connected to each other and how they communicate are determined by the network's topology. Topologies are either physical or logical. Below are diagrams of the five most common network topologies.

History of network topologies?

The history of network topologies dates back to 1969-1970. This what when Roberts, who is now known as Dr. Howard, started researching on network topologies and founded Network Analysis Corporation.

Which different topologies does EIGRP support?

point-to-point multiaccess nonbroadcast multiaccess

Star bus and ring all refer to what kind of topologies?

Those are the topologies - star, bus, and ring (that is their name).

Can a single physical topology support multiple logical topologies?

Yes, a physical topology can support multiple logical topologies.

What kind of network do schools use?

Star topologies. Sometimes combined topologies are used of which i have no idea!! :P

What is network tepologies?

"Network topology" refers to the physical and/or logical layout of the nodes in a computer network. Common network topologies include "bus" (ethernet, a lot of other networking specs) and "ring" (token ring, ATM).

How does networking take part in a company?

Networking can be construed in a couple of different ways - computer networking and people networking. Networking in a company is important for information exchange whether it is people or computer networking. Companies are built by the information they aquire and networking makes it available to the people who need to use it. It is important for the people within a company to be connected and share the information which will grow a company.

How many computers can be connected on various network topologies?

I found and linked below a website that has information on many, but not all, network topologies.

What are some good networking devices?

Different Types of Networking Devices: Router, Modem, Switch, Hotspots, Ethernet Hubs, Gateway, Repeater, Bridges. Different Types of Networking Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slack, Wistia

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