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In my opinion as a secondary school student,mathematics orientations can help a student very much-much beyond our imagination.Only,if they would listen.We also had a mathematics orientation back then,and it helped improved my grades.Students will learn a lot in these orientations like-mental computations of algebraic expressions and short-cut methods of computation.

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Q: What are the effects of mathematics orientation on secondary school students performance in mathematics?
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What are the retention rates for students who complete orientation programs compared to student who receive no orientation training?

This is a great question! I am not aware of any studies regarding this issue, hopefully other will add to this. I would like to say that for students who do attend a good orientation; surviving higher education is a lot easier, and can prevent many potential problems. One of my all-time favorite phrases from students is, "But nobody ever told me." These are usually students who never went to the orientation, and /or never took the time to carefully read the school catalog.

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