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the examples of real numbers are pictures or drawings of one little animal or thing drawn over and over again until the drawing is complete with say only eight monkeys drawn on the paper then it is an example of the number with the drawing of eight monkeys but the pictures thhat you are looking at doesn't just have to be a drawing it can be say pictures of family, toys,basicly it can be anything that can represent a number with value to it.

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Q: What are the examples of real numbers?
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What are example of both real and rational numbers?

All rational numbers are examples of numbers which are both rational and real.

What are Daily life applications of real numbers?

There are many examples of daily life applications of real numbers. Some of these examples include clocks and calendars.

What are non examples of real numbers?

The square roots of negative numbers.

Is every real number a whole number?

No. Real numbers are equivalence classes of cauchy sequences of rational numbers, which in turn are equivalence classes of pairs of integers (or whole numbers). Examples of real numbers that are not rational and therefore not integer are sqrt(2) and pi. Examples of real numbers that are rational but not integer are 1/2 and 13/17.

What are 10 real world example that ude real numbers?

I would be greatly surprised if you will find any examples that ude real numbers - whether or not it is in real life!

What are the examples of real numbers system?

1,0,5,2,3,6,9,8 True. But the following are also Real numbers: 0.5, sqrt(2), π (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter), etc.

What is examples of real numbers?

First of all, the correct grammar is to say "What areexamples of real numbers?" not "What is". Real numbers are any number from negative infinity to positive infinity. These include 1.555, 3, -6, -563.786, 10, etc. The only numbers that are no real numbers are imaginary numbers which involve the square root of negative numbers. It is immpossible to take the square root of a negative number so those numbers are not real.

What are the examples Diagram of a real numbers system?

A number line is usually used for this purpose.

What are real life examples of direct proportion?

it is some wrods and maybe some numbers

What are examples of real numbers?

1,2,3,4,5,6,1/2, 3/4 these are all real. the square root of negative is an unreal number.

What are the Examples of real numbers in daily life?

every number is a real number....except imaginary.......and this is the amin reason for we can say that real number is real because its not imaginary....

Example of properties of real numbers?

examples: 1, 2, 0, -5, sqrt(2), pi etc. real numbers means numbers on the real plane. the opposite of real numbers are imaginary numbers which takes the format of ai, in which the i is the imaginary unit they do not exist on the real plane, but only on the imaginary plane. they can be found by square-rooting a negative number, e.g. sqrt(-4)=2i usually imaginary numbers are used with real numbers, with the format a+bi, and this is called complex numbers.