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No. Real numbers are equivalence classes of cauchy sequences of rational numbers, which in turn are equivalence classes of pairs of integers (or whole numbers). Examples of real numbers that are not rational and therefore not integer are sqrt(2) and pi. Examples of real numbers that are rational but not integer are 1/2 and 13/17.

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Q: Is every real number a whole number?
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Is every whole number a real number too?

YES. Every whole number is a real number too.

Is every Real number an irrational number?

No, a real number could also be a rational number, an integer, a whole number, or a natural number. Irrational numbers fall into the same category of real numbers, but every real number is not an irrational number.

Is Every whole number is a real number?

Yes. The set of whole numbers (more usually called Integers) is a strict subset of the set of Real Numbers.

What is bigger a whole number or a real number?

Neither.For any whole number there is a real number which is bigger and for any real number there is a whole number which is bigger.

How do you find the real number of a whole number?

A whole number IS a real number so you do not have to do anything.

Is -6.06 a real number?

Yes. Every number is a real number. Rational numbers, irrational numbers, Whole numbers, Natural numbers, integers are all real numbers.

Does every point on the real number line correspond to a rational number?

No. There are several real numbers that are not rational (e.g. pi). However, every rational number is also a real number. In general, whole numbers/natural numbers is a subset of the integers (i.e. every whole number is an integer), the integers is a subset of the rationals, the rationals are a subset of the real numbers. I think the real numbers are a subset of the complex numbers, but I'm not 100% positive on that.

If a number is a real number is it a whole number?

No, most real numbers are not whole numbers.

Every whole number is a real number?

yes, only numbers like pi and e are irrational numbers

Is Every Whole Number a factor of 1 and why?

No, 1 is a factor of every whole number because 1 is a factor of every whole number.

Is 4.5 a real number?

It is a real number, but it is not a whole number

What is a number that can be a rational number and a whole number?

All whole numbers are rational.

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